Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anthropologie Shadowbox Skirt

Whoops, totally forgot about this last review.  I actually purchased this skirt the second it went on sale.  Loved it from the first time I saw it, but ta nearly $200 it wasn't happening for me.  I had such high hopes.  While this is a gorgeous, well made skirt, it's just not for me.  I felt it was a little too short.  Also, my usual size was a bit snug making it feel quite uncomfortable and possibly causing it to sit higher up on my waist than intended.  The tight fit also made the pockets flare out slightly on my hips.  That's right!  She has pockets too!  But, short + tight = no bending or sitting without a show.  Of course, my husband was all for it.  Men!  The print and the material though are so high end looking in my opinion.  Really would've loved for this to have worked.  It was returned.  sigh...

Shadowbox Skirt
Gosh, it is just soooo pretty and different.  I imagine it with brown, black, turquoise, yellow, there are so many options.  Add in the funky bow and I'm in heaven.  At second cut and perhaps if I went up a size, this may come back into my home.  We'll see.  Any opinions on this one?  I see there are no reviews on the site.


  1. it is so pretty and different! i love the orange and it fits you fab!

    <3 steffy
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  2. This skirt looks great! I would have never thought of it before you posted it's on my Anthro list :)

  3. What a cool print! I think it's worth trying the next size up. With a little more room in the waist, you can wear it lower and that should give your quite a bit more length.

  4. I've eyeballed that skirt myself on the Anthro and Leifsdottir site, but I could not find one review on it - it is a rocking piece and you definitely have the bod for it, but I can see where it's impractically short!

  5. It really is just such a great skirt, but I'm just a bit too close to 40 for that length. sigh... I can't believe I wasted my younger years in jeans and leggings!