Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Land's End Canvas Reviews (pic heavy)

Confession - I am loving Land's End's intro of the Canvas line.  The updated yet classic styles are perfect, the prices are affordable.  And the fact that it's available at my local Sears is awesome.  Plus, there are always coupon codes available and online orders typically arrive with a discount card towards your next purchase.

My summer haul is below.  Overall, I'm extremely happy with the fit and quality of what I purchased.  Some items came from Sears and some I ordered online with a 25% off code.

Click photos to enlarge.  Links to items available in text.

Sleeveless Empire Waist Dress.  First pics shown with Freehand Tartan Belt from Anthropologie.
Thoughts:  This dress is light and beautiful.  The only thing I would change is to add pockets.  This dress screams for pockets!  Runs exactly true to size.  The length is great so no fear of giving a show and the entire dress is lined.  Highly recommended.  I probably won't wear it with the belt shown here, but it would look great with a brown belt or just by itself.  It does seem like it may wrinkle easily so that is something to keep in mind.

Thoughts:  Another LOVE.  And this one does have pockets.  Yay!  This particular pattern appears to be sold out online, but there were plenty available at my local Sears.  Again, fully lined and an excellent length.  Super light weight for summer.  Cannot wait to wear it.  Runs true to size.  I'm considering stocking up on the other patterns available.  And apparently something about this skirt smelled very intriguing to Rico.

Thoughts:  Much shorter than I expected.  At my age, I'd be too self conscious to wear these outside the house.  I will be returning them for the longer length though (available here).  The price was right and these are sturdy, well made shorts in a classic style.  Runs true to size and does not cut into the muffin top (gotta love that).  The tee shirt is a tee shirt.  Classic style, nice soft cotton.  Runs a bit large in my opinion.  I will go back for more colors.  Several colors are available on the site for $6.99 and $8.99 before further discounts.  Run, don't walk.  These will not last and you can never have too many plain tees.

Thoughts:  How can you go wrong.  It's a basic cardigan.  This is a somewhat heavier weight than a J Crew or Gap cardi though and probably won't work in the real heat of summer.  I find the length a little long to be worn with fuller dresses, but it is versatile for everything else from pants to shorts to pencil skirts.  This color was available on the website for $22.99 along with several others.  Full price is under $40 regardless which is a steal for this quality in my opinion.

And that's it.  That is what I have accumulated from Land's End thus far.  There are many other items I'd love to have and overall I am very happy with the quality.  Never thought I'd go into Sears for anything other than appliances either!  Have you tried LE Canvas yet?


  1. Thanks for the reviews! The navy dress is so pretty. I have never tried LE Canvas, but these pieces look really nice. I love the colors in the skirt.

  2. Cute stuff! Never looked at Land's End before... Now I definitely will. I LOVE that skirt!

  3. Land's End is definitely worth a look these days. I have most luck with the Canvas stuff though.

  4. great stuff! i've never looked there but i might have to now!