Monday, March 28, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Skirt Edition

It is so funny to my husband that I have a ton of skirts because I don't usually wear them.  For summer though, I intend to get these legs out in the breeze.  Tried on a bunch of new skirts at Anthropologie on Saturday.  Came home with a few, but here's my fitting room experience and thoughts.

Place for Everything Skirt
Honestly, I didn't even have to try this on.  I knew I'd love it for casual summer days and I did.  The fit is perfect, quality is high and it's machine washable.  Fits TTS, hits at a comfortable spot on my waist without cutting into the muffin top.  I just really love it.  This came home with me and will get plenty of wear this summer.
Picked up the Banter Top to go with it.  Just a nice light summer shirt.  I loved the details.  This ran large in my opinion.  I am wearing an XS here.

Seeing as how this was an Eva Franco and a pencil skirt, I had to try it on.  Sadly, my usual size felt too tight.  This could be because of the cookies I can't stop putting in my face lately, but nonetheless, it was snug and I would have to size up.  Overall the fit was flattering.  Can't go wrong with vertical stripes.  The waist detail was so cute but hits me right at my problem area - the tummy pooch.  On sale, in a larger size and if I can stop eating cookies, I would buy this in a heartbeat.  It is very simple yet there is something special about it as well.  Even for $128, this is one very well made, high quality item that is essentially a classic.  Not sure how she does it, but Eva always manages to give me a little bit o' booty too.

I so very much wanted to love this one.  It's been on my wishlist ever since the spring catalog came out.  Unfortunately, there is NO shape to this whatsoever.  The way the seam runs down the front just looks matronly. It looks like something a high schooler would've made in Home Ec in the 60s. Comfortable?  Extremely.  But not at all cute.  Also, there are pockets on the sides and the stiffness of the pocket lining made the skirt stick out at the hips.  Maybe with a different top?  Maybe if I was 3 inches taller and didn't have a pooch it would've worked.  With great sadness, this one went back to the rack.

Well, it's a pencil skirt in every sense of the word.  I loved it so much.  The polka dot print and red seaming at the waist just added to the overall vintage feel.  The fit was true to size.  With the high waist though, it accentuates my belly and flat butt (I need Eva Franco here for some rear help).  With a waist length sweater it would've been fine, but I just didn't love her enough to take her home.  Perhaps on sale we will revisit.  If pencil skirts are your thing, do NOT miss this one.  It is so cute and so timeless, it will be gone quick I'm sure.
Anybody else digging this season's skirt styles?  Do you enjoy the resurgence of the pencil skirt (did it really ever go away)?  I do, so so much.  I'm off to break out my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs again so I can buy that polka dot number!


  1. I love these reviews that you do. They are really great. I really, really love that printed skirt, the Ancient Myths Skirt on you. It's gorgeous.

  2. love your first outfit, the pink skirt looks great!

    <3 steffy
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  3. The Banter Top looks like the perfect summer top! So pretty! I really like the Cultural Heritage skirt on you. I think it is quite flattering (evern more so if it were a bit shorter). Thanks for the reveiws!

  4. Love the skirt in the first picture. Such a shame about the maxi skirt, love the print.

  5. Thanks girls. I do very much enjoy what I did purchase. Hope the reviews helped in some small way. I mean hey, why should I be the only one spending too much money, right?!

  6. Thanks for the reviews! I really like the "snack pouches" on the Place for Everything Skirt. Btw, I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award! For more details, go to:

  7. Nice purchases, and thanks for the reviews! I love a good pencil skirt, but I don't wear them that often because it makes me feel pooch self-conscious, plus I kind of feel restricted sometimes!

    I think your shape looks fantastic in the cultural heritage pencil skirt - with a pair of killer heels, you would so rock it!

  8. Love the first skirt and that polka dot skirt!

  9. What Muffin Top? Where is this pooch? You do not in any way shape or form have either of these.

    The Place for Everything Skirt was already Wish Listed. So thank you for a confirmation of it's greatness. I love Orange, but sadly it doesn't appear to be at the top of this Springs color chart. I can't find much of it anywhere.

    Maybe the Ancient Myths Skirt needs to be up at your natural waist. Either that or you are just like me and prefer to wear your skirt low. It's so much more comfortable.

    I love the three Eva Franco's I picked up last year. But so far I haven't been impressed by her Skirt line-up this year.

  10. Thanks so much for the reviews...I've been interested in hearing opinions on the First Light looks super cute on you! I am a fan of the Cultural Heritage skirt...I can't wait for it to hit sale so I can get it in my hot little hands! =)

  11. i love your skirts, it must be sexy with high heels, well may be the first skirt is too short? But the other ones have such a good fitting, I have also that kind in my closet xxx

  12. I cant agree with you more on your reviewss!! If only I was this good on making decisions on what to buy because I feel like I would have taken everything here. hahahah but I agree with everything that you have said!