Friday, March 18, 2011

Anthropologie Haul Reviews (lots o' pics)

Since my recent Anthro purchase included some pieces that I hadn't seen reviewed many places, I figured why not try my hand at it.  Unfortunately the closest store to me is about 30 minutes away and just not very doable with my schedule, so I have to order online, try on at home and usually, return most of it.  They must really hate me there!

Here's the latest - thankfully with a keep or two.  Click photos to enlarge.  Links to items in text.

I'll start with my favorite.  Paige denim Lou Lou jeans.  Anthro's gorgeous model (oh, I will own that shirt one day soon):
Me (with tousled hair, no makeup and a puppy to keep me company):
My thoughts:  A little on the long side (I'm 5'6 and wearing a 4 1/2 inch wedge here and still have a little over an inch that will need altering).  I love the slim fit and the soft denim.  The dark color is slimming and they fit perfectly.  I do have jeans that are a little more flattering on my flat butt, but these aren't bad.  Overall, I'm so thrilled with these!  I'm sure my husband will be thrilled with my re-discovery of premium jeans.

Next up, the First Mate Skirt.  From the site:
On moi:
Thoughts:  Well, I loved this skirt from the first time I saw it on the site.  When it went I sale, I grabbed it.  The length is odd for me.  I've never done anything below the knee unless it was a gown.  I do love the ruching in front and around the butt.  I mean hello, I actually have a butt in this skirt.  Honestly, the reason I'm considering keeping it is because of the butt and the butt alone!  As you can see, the back view is less than stellar though.  This decision will be up to the husband.  And hey, did you notice my butt?  ;)

Thoughts: Too big, shapeless and very frumpy.  Not sure what I would wear this with so it is going back.  I recommend sizing down, possibly even two sizes, on this one.

More tomorrow.  Oh, and your honest to goodness thoughts on the skirt are more than welcome.


  1. Love the jeans on your slender bod. They look to hug in all the right places.

    The skirt is cute from the side view. But there is an odd wrinkle or ruching that travels across your butt. What the heck is that mess anyway? It's hard to tell from the images.

    I like the top alot. It's just too big and has that extra fold that too many tops seem to come with these days. Must be designed to hide a tunny which you haven't got.

    Send top and skirt back. Keep Jeans! Maybe re-order top smaller. Unless that's the smallest.

    I have a 2 hour drive to the nearest Anthro. I order everything online also. I hate being in the No Anthro Zone.

    I thought you were a forgotten Blogger. But it turns out I'm Following and I've commented. Some days are just a BLUR.

    Thanks you for the reviews. I can cross that skirt off my list of possibilities.

  2. And sorry for my bad typos. I have a messed up thumb. If it doesn't show improvement on all these darn steroids the DR. is giving me, I'm going to have to have surgery. Boo!

  3. Thanks for your opinions Laura. I'm not quite sure why the ruching continues around the butt to be honest. LOL My husband likes it but since I don't LOVE it, it will go back.

    No worries about typos and fogotten bloggers. :) I do the same. I was happy to find your blog a few weeks ago though. I'm a "rock" hound and loved your series. I'm going to hope you don't need surgery and that the meds will do what they need to do for you. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Thanks for the reviews! The jeans look ah-mazing on you! Definitely keepers! The skirt looks great from the front and from the side, but I agree with Laura about the back. It kind of looks like the skirt is accidentally riding/bunching up.

  5. waw your bud looks amazing with that jean. I prefer the jean than the skirt.
    The jean is made for your body! Awesome x

  6. Betty I must begin with "HOLY SH$@" those jeans are ridiculous on you! It's like they were made for you!!! Plus because the pockets are short your butt still looks fav! Oh I am so jealous of your amazing body!
    The skirt is fun, but I actually do agree with the girls about the back view.
    Yeah and I am happy you are not keeping the top. I tried it on too and it just looked horrible!

  7. Thanks for the opinions girls. The polo top and ripple butt skirt are packed away and all set to go back to Anthro. I'll be happy next month when I have a store close by to try stuff on at.

    Midory - you are funny. Trust me, I have several figure flaws. You always look great!

  8. Those jeans were totally made for your butt. You look dead foxy in them! I don't own a pair of Paige Denims, but I think it's high time. I love the dark wash on them. So glad you're getting an Anthro that can show you some love back!