Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm tired

Of always feeling like I'm not quite perfect enough
Of feeling like I always have to be perfect
Of feeling like I have to look like a VS catalog model
Of attempting to be fashionable
Of women always trying to get in the way of another woman's success (WTF already??!!)
Of feeling being ashamed of the fact that sometimes I rely on prepared food
Of the economy getting worse and worse and worse.  Oh, and worse
Of working so hard only to have just enough
Of the cost of most things fun or remotely entertaining being out of reach for most families (ahem...Ticketmaster fees.  And don't think I'm not looking at you major league sports)
Of wondering why schools are so dreadfully underfunded despite the multi-million dollar lotto jackpots
Of grown adults who feel it is ok to talk trash about another's child(ren)
Of ebay buyers who just cannot be pleased.  Ever!
Of being tired

There's more, but in light of the horrendous events in the news today, I'll stop and try not to feel lousy for myself today.  But I do.  It's a bad day.  That kept getting worse.

I'm now going to eat some thin mints (possibly dipped in ice cream...for dinner) and try to forget about it.  TGIF?


  1. I am sos sorry you feel this way. You are perfect the way you are...and if anyone says different, they are full of themselves and don't know s**t! Be happy with yourself, and yes it's fun to eat prepared food and fast food! anytime you want, as long as you feel good! You are so careful what you eat I can't believe you would feel bad about that. I just nod and listen when some people go on and on about what we should do or eat....then do what I want anyway! (I am pretty lucky though that my daughter and her friend ate a whole plate of crispy tofu as an appetizer and loved it!)her friends first time eating tofu. :D I envy all you do and accomplish with working and kids and all! Not the education is ridiculous! Why are the still cutting education? I just don't get it! We should be upset about that. I work in a school making piddly and everyone is least you have a we should let everyone walk all over us because we have a job? we work hard and care too much about what we do and what do we get? Okay I'm off my soap box now...I could of gone on, but it's Friday! :D Love your dinner, I think I just had a late lunch - grilled cheese, but it was a creamy asiago and monterey jack cheese, and no dinner, just had a drink!
    Cheers! PM me!

  2. haha Lyndsey. You are too sweet. I just sent you a FB message. And the only one judging and criticizing me today is me - as usual. Nothing like putting your pity party out there on the net, right? LOL

    And yes, that whole "at least you have a job" is played out already. That should NEVER be anyone's mindset! Ever.

  3. I hear ya! I am sorry you are having such a bad day. I hope your weekend gets better. Do something special for yourself:)

    Do you read Already Pretty? I love it. Sal does a lot of great posts (like this one: about body image.

  4. Hang in there, don't be so hard on yourself. you are lovely.

  5. well i think that everybody have such kind of moments, even the most beautiful woman. You are so pretty and lovely! Enjoy your weekend and hope you feel soon much betterxxx

  6. Well other than the line about the eBay buyers, I agree with everything on that list!!! Hope you're having a better day today! :)

  7. Thanks ladies. sorry to impose my pity party on everyone. Hopefully when it hits 70 degrees on Friday I'll feel better. :)