Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh boy. I'm in trouble!! Anthro trouble.

Just got word that Garden State Plaza is getting an Anthropologie!  It opens on 4/29 - a Tuesday - the markdown day.  Oh boy! (correction:  4/29 is a Friday, not sure where I got Tuesday from).

My mom and I will probably take personal days and meet up for shopping and lunch.  This could be very bad for my wallet, VERY BAD.  But I'm excited to have one so close (translation...to be so close to their infamous sale room that I can go in and check it out on a regular basis).  And by close I mean, I've walked to this mall from my home before.  It's just under a mile away.

I'm now toying with the idea of applying for a part-time position although I can't work Saturdays and retail is not open on Sundays in our county.  We'll see.

Anybody up for a shopping get together on the 29th?  Have you ever gotten excited over a store opening in your area?  Last time I did it was Whole Foods literally half a block from my house.  My husband and I hit "opening day" (with about 10,000 other people).


  1. That is exiting! Last time I was exited about a store was a costco opening close to my old house...Now we move to somewhere that most of the stuff I shop often for is within 15 minutes of drive. Actually it might not be very bad for your wallet because then you get to try the stuff first before hand so less returns and less shipping fee.

  2. Yay!!! How exciting! I have a couple of Anthropologies close by, but certainly not within walking distance. Opening day shopping and lunch sounds great!

  3. That would be awesome! I'd love to be able to try everything on! No more lusting after a piece for months only to find out (finally) that it looks awful on me. You seem to be a pants person too so I expect lots of fitting room reviews!

  4. i'm loving both your blogs!! :-)

  5. Thanks Ev. So happy to have found yours now!

    Inkmark - that is a positive look on it. I'll have to think like that. :)

    And it is true. I'm such a HUGE returner. Now I'll be able to pop in after work and try things on. I'm excited!