Monday, February 28, 2011

Anthropologie Sale Room Haul & Return

Apparently I'm still not 100% sure of what type of clothing works with my body.  Craving a trip to an actual Anthro store (not just via ebay) got the best of me the other day and off we went to Edgewater, NJ.  Promised the kids burritos from Chipotle if they behaved and allowed me 20 minutes of shopping.  They did ok, but being that they were with me, there was no way I was venturing into the fitting room  and 20 minutes really didn't do it for me.  After trying things on today, most of it is going back.  :(  But I do really love what I'm keeping!

Here's my haul and thoughts.
Bianka blouse in red - absolutely a keeper.  Great fit!  Sometimes simple is the best.
Fancy Clad hoodie - going back.  As a general rule, I hate hoods even on my outerwear so I don't know why I thought this would be different.  Perhaps the cute ruffle sucked me in.
Pleated As You Please jacket - one of the cutest little jackets, but going back, too big.  If they had my proper size, this would've been a keeper.  Going up a size just doesn't work with a fitted piece.
Ruched Peony top - so cute but I'm not sure I love it.  Consider this on the fence.
Scaffold & Scrim cardigan - I LOVE it.  Husband does not (probably because it's not short and tight).  Another for the fence cuz the hubs is pooping on my cardi party.  Ah heck, I'm keeping it.
Hop, Skip, Jump skirt - keeper!  Well, if I could fill out the hips and butt.  :(  May try to size down.
Pulling it Together sweater - not a sale item but I really needed a yellow cardi.  Love the details and simplicity.  Keep!
Cartonnier 3/4 sleeve blazer - looks better in person than in the pics and is a keeper.  Excuse the angry face, nursing a migraine.
Long wrap sweater that looks great on the hanger but terrible on my apple shape.  Return!
Winter Beauty Pullover - had such high hopes for this. Unfortunately, the flounce hits at just the wrong place on me.  If it was just a tad bit longer before flouncing out, it would've worked.
Random ruched and ruffled top - clings to all the wrong places and the color is quite yawn on me.  Buh-bye.
I was hoping to keep more of what I purchased but I'm having a bit of a hating my aging body moment.  Once my excedrin kicks in it's P90X Plyo for me!

Does anybody else do this while shopping with the kids (actually, this is my MO when alone too) - just grab it all, buy it, then try it on at home?  I need a better system. The staff is so going to hate me when I go back with this huge return.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Latisse - 60 Day Progress

Here's my 60 day progress pics using Latisse.  I know that I missed one evening's application, possibly two, but that's it.  And I got 60 days out of a 30 day prescription by using half the recommended amount.  I'm pretty impressed with the progress and am convinced that you can use half the dosage and still get the results.

I will say though, my right eye is developing much quicker than the left.  On the right I even have these freakishly long eyelashes (about 3 or 4) on the outer lid.  Pretty funny.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So here's Day 1 vs. Day 60.

No makeup:
With eye makeup and mascara (one coat):
Other 60 day angles:
I'm still not at the 16 week mark where the results are supposed to be extremely visible so I guess we can expect some more growth.  For now, I'll refill another bottle and see if I feel like continuing to spend that kind of money just for eyelashes.

Has anyone else tried it yet?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trip Planning Time - New Mexico

One of the greatest pleasures I get out of life is traveling.  And since having kids, I love opening up new worlds and places to them.  In recent years, we've had to seriously cut back on trips.  And I mean seriously cut back.  But every year, usually around February, I start to plan a summer trip and can usually save us some money here and there because of this advanced planning.

Last year we did a very budget trip to Sanibel Island, Florida using nothing but a holiday bonus for all pre-planning (air, hotel, car).  We then saved up a few dollars a month to cover meals and incidentals.  It was a great trip for not much $$.  My son declares that as his favorite trip so far.  I'll have to do a Sanibel trip report soon because I truly think it is one of the best US family destinations going.

This year I'm very excited to start planning an August trip to New Mexico.  We have settled on the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas, but there is just so much to see out there that I would need three weeks to cover it all.  Hoping we can fit in a few Southern New Mexico sites as well (I really want to see White Sands National Monument and Carlsbad Caverns).

Trip planning has been a passion of mine for as long as I remember.  Without exaggeration, I can spend 100s of hours planning a weekend away.  Hopefully this trip will be more like seven to ten days.

Here are some pictures and links for anyone else interested in visiting lovely New Mexico.  As soon as the plans are set, I'll share those too if you like.  And of course, after all is said and done, a trip report is a must!  My apologies in advance to anyone who doesn't love immersing themselves in all the minute details of another family's vacation.  I love it!

All photos found on Google Images - they are not my own.

Carlsbad Caverns
Bandelier National Monument - there will be lots of climbing here
White Sands National Monument
Hello sledding in August!
From "snowy" adventures to white water rafting - we will be doing this!
Plenty of Native American sites for a little education
Pueblo homesteads - hoping to witness some ceremonial dances
Afraid of heights?  The Sandia Peak Tramway may not be your thing
And plenty of plain old wilderness to explore! 
Oh my gosh, and there is just so much more!

So from now until August, I will be planning, re-planning, formulating itineraries, obsessively checking airline and car rental prices, and most importantly, researching the best places to EAT (OCD type A anyone?).  Can't wait to share my actual photos with you all.  Time to get back to practicing with my camera!!  Too many great photo ops on the horizon.

Any other travel buffs out there?  Where will your wanderlust be taking you?

Monday, February 21, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

Pretty certain I've confessed about my love of tight pants previously, but I do have an exception.  I absolutely adore classic trousers - in denim, of course.  For my figure type, they are usually very flattering.  The slant of the pockets, the higher flat waist, a fit that hugs the hips and then widens and elongates the legs.  What's not to like?

A few years ago I splurged on a pair of white Seven denim trousers (still have and love them).  Instantly, I was in love.  And shhhh, but I used to wear them to my "no jeans" job in the city.  You couldn't tell they were denim.  At least I wasn't telling!

How thrilled was I this season with the resurgence of the denim trouser.  I will be buying another pair or two, but for now I settled on a pair from the Gap and it's love all over again.  Dressed them up a bit today for the office.
jeans & top - Gap; jacket - Theory; belt - Ann Taylor; booties - Madden Girl; bag - older Isabella Fiore; nails - Zoya Emme

These jeans are great.  Super comfortable.  They fit perfectly (although they appear to run long.  I usually wear a long length, but when I tried the long, they were ridiculously so).  I love all the perfect little details too.  Can't wait to search my closet for other goodies to use to rock these jeans.

Are you going to sport any of the wider leg styles this year?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Offer Meeting Attire

Why is it that corporate positions always require so many meetings on so many different occasions with so many different people??  I've always thought it to be such a waste.  But anyway, this is what I wore to my 2nd interview/offer meeting.  Now the real fun begins.  Deciding if I should go back to working for someone else.  Not my first choice, but sometimes in life we don't have many fun options.
skirt - Express; blouse - Tiny for Anthropologie; nude tank - Anthropologie; tights - Gap; shoes - Damita K; jacket - H&M; cardigan - Banana Republic; necklace - Ruche

There may possibly be a tattoo on my right ankle so when wearing a skirt for an interview, dark tights are a must.  After hire though, all bets are off and you let your freak flag fly!

I think all went well during my meeting so we'll see what happens next.  Perhaps I'll need to go in again.  For more meetings!  I'll need more clothes.  :)

2 days after meeting:
Job Update: Unfortunately, despite a super attractive salary, benefit and perk package and the chance to work with my old boss again, I had to turn down this job offer.  My husband and I just could not work out the whole what to do with the kids after school thing.  It is a sad day when you realize that your options are very limited and that you don't have the support you thought you did.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Unintended Interview Wear

Last week I interviewed for a corporate job at the urging of one the lawyers I worked for in my last corporate position (law firm) in Manhattan.  Was I looking to go back to full time office work?  No, but sometimes things fall into your lap for a reason.  Needless to say, the fact that she thought of me for her position was extremely flattering.  But yikes, corporate!!  Do I even have anything to wear to the interview??

Well, I thought I did.  There were a pair of unworn black dress pants from J Crew sitting in my closet for the past two years.  Perfect.  Black pants, black jacket and a nice top.  I'm all set.  Around rolls the morning of the interview and hello, my ass and hips can't fill out the damn pants and they look awful.  Not even belt loops to try and wrangle them in a bit.  I can't go diaper butted to an interview!  Ugh!

What's a girl to do??

Since I'm so into taking fashion risks (not), I remembered the gorgeous blouse I got during the Ann Taylor sale that I couldn't wait to wear with my white denim trousers.  And, well, I have a great fitting pair of white dress pants in the closet too!  Despite my husband's reminder that it is in fact well after Labor Day, I went with it.  Hey, it was this or jeans - not much to choose from.  So, here is my mid-level corporate, spend your life in a cubicle, job interview look.
Jacket - H&M; blouse and belt - Ann Taylor; pants - Club Monaco; black pumps - so old the name wore off; toned down interview makeup - Meow on face, Stardust on eyes (out of business), NYX on lips

I was as comfortable as is possible for being "dressed" and enduring the 2 1/2 hour interview process (grrrr...corporate America).  If not for the wonderful fashion blogs I've been reading, I never would've put white pants with this outfit and definitely not in the middle of freakin' winter.  The old me would've cried for a bit, complained to my husband that my wardrobe sucks and my ass is flat and I clearly need those J Lo butt implants, and then went through the day feeling miserable in my ill-fitting black pants hoping nobody would be noticing my baggy butt and droopy crotch.  Sometimes change is good!

Still cannot wait to wear this blouse with my white jeans.  C'mon warm spring air.

Stay tuned to see if I succumb to the allures of cube dwelling.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buy These Pants!!

Let's consider this a public service post.  You NEED these pants.  Bought them yesterday, tried them on today and did not want to take them off.  So comfortable but much neater and sexier than sweats.  I got the licorice color with the loose fitting peach top (which looks much darker and looser on the website for some reason).  Brings to mind pictures of a quiet Sunday, just me and the hubby milling about the house.  Perfect with gladiator sandals if you chose to go outside.

Plus, Express has a nice coupon running through Monday.  You can click and print it HERE.  If you buy, you may want to order a size down as they seem to run large but have ample stretch.

Apparently is greedy and doesn't let you "borrow" their photos so you'll have to click to see.  I'll try to put it on later and post a photo.

Express Wide Leg Pant
Loose Fit Tee

Ok, go now.  Buy them.  What are you waiting for!  :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

There once was a purple sweater

it was ruffly and thick and had a funky bow and buttons where buttons need not be.  The minute I spotted it, I was sure I would just love, love, love it.  And then I put it on. Que the chirping crickets.  Hmmm...totally on the fence with this one.  My husband liked it.  And I mean REALLY liked it.  I was showered with smooches before work.  One thing I know I like though, it is slimming (yay).

Perhaps it would be better with some black wide leg trousers?  Perhaps I just need to get really into working out again.  And by getting really into it, I mean actually doing some form of physical activity besides laundry.  Grrrr, nasty winter!  You need to leave now!!

So here's my new lady - the Anthropologie Peppered Cardigan
And, since it's what I do, I had to style it with jeans
Sweater - Anthropologie; tank - Victoria's Secret; jeans - ReRock for Express; booties - Madden Girl; necklace - Loft; nails - Zoya Mata Hari

Ok, so I went the whole day in my purple ruffly goodness.  It's been decided that I like it.  The empire waist really elongates the body and that is always a good thing.  The bow is still kind of weird for me and the flounce may make me look a little hippy, but as of right now, it is not destined for ebay.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Bother - and Name Changes

Good morning!!  I just had a quick idea to post today after a discussion with a friend about blogging.  Well, about my "fashion" and lifestyle blogging mostly.  She asks, why bother and don't you think you are kind of embarrassing yourself or putting too much info out there.  I say, why not and why care.  Of course, compared to many women and girls (mostly girls) out there who have fashion blogs, I've got nothing of much interest and I'm not overly fashionable or artfully talented, but for me it's a way of documenting the journey I'm taking into finding myself.  This includes finally spending some time determining and honing my interests, finding my style and trying to become a better and happier person (which is a hell of a lot easier when you know yourself and what you love).

So, am I going to inspire anyone to go out and buy some outfit or makeup that I've posted about?  Probably not.  Are people looking at my posts and thinking why the hell would she even put that up?  Possibly.  All I hope to accomplish is to portray women who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and on that are about more than being a mom, an employee, a wife.  Women who have interests and value.  It took me until 37 to finally figure things out (somewhat) and realize my worth.  I'm hoping I can encourage someone else to do the same.  Hopefully earlier on in life than I did!  Although it's never too late.

Also, keep your eyes open for more posts dedicated to other more "mature" female bloggers whom I find inspirational and fabulous.

That being said, the names of both of my blogs may be changing from time to time until I find one that "fits" and better hints at what my blogging is about.  If you find one you like better than another, feel free to let me know.

Have a great day ladies!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mixed Media & Big Boots

This was one of those days where the outfit I had all set out the night before, just didn't work.  My last minute scramble to get myself dressed resulted in a variety of this and that.  We have corduroy, velvet, wool and the always wonderful, pleather.  My husband was surprised that it all seemed to come together.  It was ok.  Not sure it will make a repeat appearance all in the same day again.  :)

The pics - sorry, didn't notice that my curtains are nearly the exact color of my pants until my little photo session was complete.  Durr... 
Cord leggings - American Eagle; sweater - Madewell; velvet tank & necklace - Loft; boots - G for Guess; nails - OPI's Lucertainly Look Marvelous

All in all, a comfy outfit.  But my fake leather boots (a/k/a vegan leather LOL) are a little squeaky when I sit down and they look like pirate boots with the whole top flap and all.  Anyone have an eye patch and parrot I can borrow?