Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Imprint Fossil, Fountain of Youth, Spring Ready

Finally!  The last of my fitting room follies from last Saturday.

Imprint Fossil Skirt
Another that has been on my wishlist since it appeared on the site.  Instant love!  Ran a bit large so I sized down and the waist is still a very comfortable fit.  Listed as an online exclusive, but the Edgewater store had all sizes in stock.  This skirt is long.  I am 5'6 and had to stand on my tiptoes for the pics to keep the dress off the ground.  The bow can be tied on the side, front, or removed.  I felt very feminine and light in this skirt.  Took her home but I'm still unsure about what to pair with it so it may go back if I can't make it work.  This is silk and dry clean only (bummer).  Hoping it goes on sale and I can get a PA although $128 is not bad for a great quality silk maxi.  Sadly, no pockets here.

Fountain of Youth Dress
Instant love yet again.  This dress would look good on anybody in my opinion.  The material is somewhat stiff so it holds it shape and the style is classic with a little twist in back.  Guess this would require a racer back or strapless bra.  Once again we have fabulous pockets!  Fit was TTS.  This fit me like a glove.  She's in my closet waiting for the first sign of nicer weather. Oh, and it's machine washable.  Hello, sold!

Sangatte Slip Dress
Flop.  This dress was so cute on the hangar but I could not believe it was $138.  Honestly, this feels like a $40 sundress that I could get anywhere.  It was well made and fit TTS but didn't feel like anything special to me.  Plus it was a major tummy pooch magnifier.  I guess the waist seam just hit me in the very wrong place.  All in all a very cute, simple little sundress.  I loved the smocked elasticized back and the print.  Just not the dress for me.  I can see this working on smaller or curvier body types though.  Athletic body types (read that as those with muscular shoulders and chests) would be great too.

Spring Ready Dress
Adorable on the site and on the hangar.  Great non-sale price at $98.  Who doesn't love a wrap style dress, right?  Well, this didn't work for me.  I felt it ran very large and just looked sloppy. It was like I was lost in a sea of rayon. Curvy girls will rock this dress hard though.  Loved the armholes (which is an odd thing to point out, but I did).  No pockets here and dry clean only.  Left this one at the store.  Navy only on the site but green and navy available in stores.


  1. Thanks for these reviews! I think that maxi skirt is gorgeous!

  2. i LOVE that green Fountain of Youth dress .... perfect for a summer night out!

  3. I love that Fountain of Youth dress - the shade of green + the cut looks great on you!

  4. I LOVED the Imprint Fossil Skirt and sized down as well, however I left it behind because it was a bit sheer. I had an orange top paired with it and you could see exactly where the orange shirt stopped. Still on my wishlist, because it's gorgeous, and SUPER LONG! Bonus. You look amazing in it, and it really is a lovely subtle print to pair with endless possibilities! I loved the Fountain of YOuth too, and wanted the stripey version, however all the dresses in my size had seam issues...pocket seams coming undone, zipper seam pulled away. So I left it too. I love it on you. So flattering!

  5. I love that green dress on you. That first skirt is gorgeous, I really love the print. Too bad its such a hefty price tag!!

  6. The Fountain of Youth looks great on you, and I adore its color!

  7. So I must say that I can totally see why you would hesitate about the Imprint Fossil skirt. I thought it was lovely too the first time I saw it, but its such a hard item to take advantage of for what it is and the price that you are paying for it. technically since its neutral colors it can go with a lot of things, but honestly it seems like it might be too much hesitation; the price, dry cleaning, the length, etc. You do look amazing in it though! :)
    But I must say that I loved the Fountain of Youth on you the most... Its like it was made for you! And the color just looks lovely with your skin!