Friday, December 31, 2010

For the Love of Mustard!!

No, no, I didn't mix my mommy blog with my foodie blog, I'm talking mustard colored everything.  Seems to be my notion of the week which is odd since yellow is my "scary" color.  But I'm daydreaming of yellows in my wardrobe.  And oh yes, mustard tights are on order!!  What will I where them with?  Hmmm...

Here's some mustardy goodness from Etsy and Polyvore.  Gotta love sites where you can just type in a word like mustard and instantly be showered with all sorts of great stuff!
Lovely earrings from Cefische
Cozy hat from Ileaiye (her stuff is a-may-zing)
Cuteness from Lakenandlila
For your hair from Little Pretties
For your treats - Cupcake Baker
And your feets:

What colors are you craving right now?  Gonna play with a "scary" color in 2011?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adding Color - Baby Steps (OOTD & EOTD)

Cleaning out my closet the other day led me to the realization that I own mostly black, brown, grey and other variations of those same colors.  So, in an effort to start wearing more color, I picked up a bunch of tanks and shells at Nordstrom Rack.  Hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?

This is my first venture out wearing some vibrant color (even if just in trace amounts).  I think it went well if not a little boring.

Today's OOTD: Lucky Brand jeans (from last year's 30% F&F sale), Banana Republic merino cardigan (super, super old), Michael Kors ruched neck tank ($35 at Nordstrom Rack) and my old standby Geox boots.

Hoping my tripod attachment gets here ASAP as I'm very tired of my husband taking my pics.  Here's what happens when he thinks this angle will get him a shot down the shirt.  Sorry dear, perhaps if I had boobies.
I was also very excited about how my eye makeup came out today (although you can't really see it in the photos).  I went for a mostly gold lid, then adding some brown and dabbing a blue on the lower lash.  One day I will learn how to take great, crystal clear pics of my makeup - or maybe we don't want that.  :)  And I think my eyelashes are getting longer already at the outer portion.  It's been just over a week since starting Latisse!
Whoops, forgot lipstick.  Added Stila's lip stain in mango crush after pics and LOVED it!
Cheeks - Meow blush in Canna
Eyes (in order of application):
Meow Bubble Bath (simple pleasures collection)
Meow Breakfast at Kitty's Purrl
Aromaleigh 14k
Aromaleigh Mocha
Aromaleigh Bougainvillea
Meow Dolphin (for a pop of blue on the lower lash)
Cream liner in Chocolate Mousse

My First Shopping Trip to Goodwill

Ever since I spotted the Goodwill store on Route 17 in Paramus about two months ago, I have been dying to get there.  I've seen so many great blog posts and articles about the wonderful scores at Goodwill, and a friend of mine always went to thrift stores and came out with awesome finds.  Now I'm not new to thrift store shopping, but I've only gotten items for myself there maybe once or twice before.  Back in the day, I put my son through private Pre-K and kindergarten by thrifting and ebaying children's clothing.  With ebay's new fees and the thrift stores getting a little more knowledgeable about pricing, that is no longer a decent money maker for me.

Ok, back on track.  I dreamt last night about what I might find at Goodwill.  I mean hey, I live in Bergen County, home of the infamous NJ "real" housewives.  Visions of Vince sweaters and Gucci heels danced in my head.  Well, in reality, it was nothing like my dreams.  I know these places are hit or miss, but I found it to be a pretty depressing shopping experience.  No music, it certainly didn't smell good in there, and I don't know, it was just kind of blah.  What do you expect though, right?  So I did browse all the women's racks.  It was nice that items were organized by color family.  What I found annoying though were the huge number of items that were obviously washed/dried incorrectly.  Cute sweaters labeled large that were shrunken up enough to fit my 7 year old daughter.  Seriously, there were hundreds of items like that.  Pilly sweaters, shrunken satin, pulled nylon, faded blacks and dingy whites.

That being said, I did grab a few items and spent $45.  Hopefully I'll find a way to use them all.  I have a few ideas already, but as we can see from my "dream" above, sometimes the reality doesn't match up with what's in my head.  I will keep you all posted though.  Now, on to the haul!
Denim skirt from the Gap ($6.99), Old Navy rose colored corduroy mini ($2.49), Unionbay army green corduroy shorts ($4.29)
Space dyed knit top from Design House ($6.99) - never heard of 'em, BCBG vneck tunic ($9.99)
Cute Free People argyle sweater ($4.99) - someone shrunk this, but it's a medium and I have an idea which may absolutely bomb, Free People tunic sweater ($4.99), Juicy Couture nautical cardigan ($6.99)
I don't plan on wearing any of these things together and I haven't tried anything on yet (although they will accept returns for store credit within five days), but I hope to play around this week.  Keep your fingers crossed please!!

Any success or failure stories from thrift shopping?  Have you had better luck at privately owned second hand stores versus places like Goodwill?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cutesy Poo Outfit Pic Added

Well, I posted previously about my Ann Taylor Loft outfit HERE.  I thought I loved it, but after seeing this picture (which my daughter took so excuse the tilt), I'm not so sure.  I think it's the booties, they need to be laced tighter perhaps.

Today we were headed to IKEA and the mall so I switched out the pants and grabbed some grey moto jeggings (Express - possibly my absolute favorite jeans) and tall black leather boots (Geox - found at Nordstrom Rack).  Made a much cuter outfit IMO. Unfortunately, none of the pics my daughter took of that one came out.  Anyway, I still like the cami and cardigan together - to heck with what the husband thinks!  :)

Quick side note about my tripod.  As mentioned, I accidentally threw out the head that attaches my camera to the tripod.  Well, a quick call to Dolica customer service and after emailing them my receipt from Amazon (from January), they are sending me a complementary replacement part!  I even told them that I threw it out.  Excellent customer service if you ask me, and because of that, I highly recommend purchasing from them if you are in the market for tripods, camera bags, etc.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. Here's the crooked outfit picture and a very lame mirror pic (sorry, antique mirror and the only semi-full length in the house) of the moto jeans followed by similar jeans and boots found on Polyvore.


moto by BettyRay featuring geox shoes


Have you visited this store (or site) yet?  I first found them in Short Hills, NJ and fell instantly in love.  Their items are rather unique and whimsical.  Shortly after discovering them though, my wardrobe budget dried up.  :(  The few pieces I do have I still love.  Hoping to save up for a few interesting pieces this year.

Here are a few Anthro ensembles I found on Polyvore by other members.  Love, love, love those boots!!  I do think I'd have to add at least a little denim skirt and a tank to that first set though.  :)  And yellow jackets/coats are always awesome.  Have not yet had the guts to go there, but I think I may have found one I like.  At Anthropology no less.  We'll soon see.

What are your favorite dream stores (whether you can afford to shop there or not)?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cutesy Poo Work Look

This is something I don't usually do.  Upon browsing the Ann Taylor Loft site at the suggestion of another 30-something, I went ahead and purchased one of the "Looks We Love" outfits soup to nuts.  Even the hat!  LOL  Not very creative on my part, but the model looked so cute and I thought maybe I could pull it off.  Definitely outside my comfort zone.

I have to say, I liked the "shabby chicness" of it.  My husband did not.  He did not like the loose fitting tank under the loose fitting cardigan.  He liked the pieces, just not together.  Here's the pic of the three pieces from Loft.  I used a slim black cropped cargo pant (Loft - no longer available) similar to the ones below and my fav BCBG booties.  Can't say I figured out how to make that hat look good on me though.  :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My First Success (Fashion - OOTD)

Finding myself in the awkward position of having to dress my not quite young but not quite old self, I've decided to totally revamp my wardrobe.  This is similar to what I consider my first success.  Well, according to my husband anyway.  I believe his exact words were "Oh, hey, how you doin'?  Wanna be late to work?"  Or something like that.  LOL.  So here is my first official Outfit of the Day post, inspired by my new age-appropriate fashion icon, the fierce and fabulous Robyn of Robyn's Nest!

Anyway, I paired black skinny cargo pants (Express) with a burgundy velvet blazer (Ann Taylor Loft) and a flowy pink lace tank (H&M).  Shoes were a black fleece lined bootie from BCBGeneration.  I accessorized with hammered hoop earrings purchased through Carolyn Buss Jewelry on Etsy (I heart Etsy)!  This was a budget friendly ensemble as, well, they have to be right now.  My only complaint was that the tank wasn't longer so it didn't hang longer than the blazer which is what I had in mind.  But, it worked.  What do you think?

BCBGeneration Melo
$149 -
High heel boots »

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday presents!! It's Latisse for me.

I hope everyone has a great and happy holiday - even if you don't celebrate, I hope you enjoy the quiet weekend.

We are going to have a very quiet weekend here.  Christmas day will be pajamas and sweats, possibly a visit to the movie theater if we get bored before dinner, and that's it.  And the best part is, since my kids spend the Eve with their dad and don't come home until Christmas morning, Santa is able to visit our house early.  So it's wine, cheese (or chocolate) and early to bed for mom tonight!
Oh, and I did splurge a little on me.  Every year if I get a little bonus money from work or from a client, I do spend a bit of it on myself.  This year I purchased something completely self-serving and selfish - Latisse!!  That's right, all I want for Christmas is some fuller, longer eyelashes.  LOL  Welcome new found vanity!  I'm going to try it out for three months and then see if it is worth it to continue from there.  My lashes are naturally dark, but they are thin and much like my hair, don't hold a curl.

For reference, here are my before pics (with makeup and one layer of mascara).  I'll try to remember to post monthly so we can see the progress or lack thereof.

The "from the top" view:
And my patented straight on, deer in the headlights pose:
"Naked" lash picture added 12/30/10
Do you treat yourself to anything special for the holidays?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Going 80s in 2010

Didn't have my husband around this morning to approve of this before I left for work, but I thought it was pretty cute.  I'll try to grab an actual picture later as I couldn't find exact matches for everything on Polyvore.

What I wore - navy blue leggings (Victoria's Secret), a white cotton tank under a flowy brown v-neck tunic (H&M - $12.95 woohoo), Lucky Brand double leather belt (the one shown) and suede boots (the ones shown but in chocolate brown).

The set did receive some compliments at work and it was oh so comfy.  I think it will make more appearances in the future.

Dear Victoria's Secret

Just because one wears an A cup does not mean they want those little suckers all squished, squeezed and pushed up around their neck!! 
Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Next Christmas...

I will have all my duckies in a row, the shopping will be done no later than December 15th, my gifts will be wonderfully and creatively wrapped a la Martha Stewart, and my home will look like a fine boutique all tastefully decorated for the holidays!

Ok, this may be a pipe dream, but check out this awesome post over at Full House.  I am in awe over how lovely her home looks (and hello, she had kidlets - FIVE of them).  And those decorations??  OMG, I drool.  Those dots are genius.  Someday I say, someday!!!

Anybody want to share some of their original holiday decorating ideas?  I won't be showing mine this year because they are way lame.  :)

I did grab a quick photo of my three lovies after we decorated our mish mosh tree.  I will NOT be buying my tree from Home Depot ever again.  Pretty sure we are going artificial next year.  This guy is already drooping pretty badly.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey there.  Betty Ray here.  a/k/a Katrina.  Starting this mom blog (a Mlog?) of sorts as a way to release all the various little "things" that go on in my crazy head everyday.  The things that don't so much fit into my health & fitness blog - although it could be argued that clearing one's head of all that "stuff" would be great for mental health.  But...  Anyway, I'd love to hear from anybody whose got something to say.  Anything goes!  And I promise to keep the rants to a minimum.  :)

A little quick background - I'm crazy overworked right now as I'm helping with the house expenses while my husband pursues a career move.  I have a head full of artsy ideas and ideals that I just don't have time (or money) for and that are in no way expressed in my current career (legal consulting - yeah, not much wiggle room there).  Extremely frustrating!!

My resolution, not so much for 2011 but for the future, is to finally learn to take the photographs I want to take.  The ones I dream about and actually jot down in a little notebook I carry around (see, totally crazy).  I'm also hoping to transform my home somewhat into the one in my head (again, I snip articles, magazine photos and bookmark awesome decorating websites).  Oh yeah, and let's not forget my outward appearance.  Where the heck does an almost 40 year old woman find clothes that aren't sized and designed for a 13 year old or some 65 year old yuppie??!!  I've been able to begin to work on that here and there recently.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading.  Hope to get to know everybody and have a great time!!