Monday, March 21, 2011

Anthro Haul Reviews continued

Continuing with my recent Anthropologie purchase reviews from this post, here are the remaining reviews.  Click photos to enlarge.  Links to items in text.

J Brand Skinny Moto jeans.  From Anthro's site:
On yours truly:
Thoughts:  My first pair of J Brands and I am in L-O-V-E.  Big time.  These are very comfortable and fit like a dream.  Not worn with the right sort of top here so the front zippers make me look a little wide and I've been slacking on my workouts, but I love the cropped length which makes this perfect for several seasons.  Not sure what else to say other than I love them and was very happy to get them on sale.  I did put these through the washer and dryer and noticed some slight fading.  They will not go into the dryer again.

J Brand Love Story Petite.  From the site:
My size was sold out on Anthro's site almost immediately.  And heck, the price tag is quite steep for me right now.  So, I sought out a pair on ebay.  They are a little lighter than the wash available at Anthropologie, but are the same style so I figured why not review.  Here they are on me:
Thoughts:  LOVE.  If I could define my perfect spring/summer jean, this would be it.  I love the style, the length is perfect (these are the petite version with a 31.5 inch inseam vs. the usual 35) and they are comfortable and well made.  Sadly though, I ordered a size too small.  These do not button so I will have to resell.  Sigh...I wish I could tell you how tempted I am to keep them and just wear with long shirts so you can't tell they are unbuttoned.  But, they are very much too small.  If my size pops back online, there is no doubt that I would purchase them even at the very expensive full price.
The sad reality:
Thoughts: These are made for people with narrow feet.  I could not fit myself inside the toe box and they were very uncomfortable as the leather cut into the sides of my feet.  It's such a shame because I had high hopes for these and they are so beautiful and feminine.  My feet are not overly wide, but as you can see, I'm popping out the sides here.  On the right person though, these shoes are beautiful.  I love the soft suede and the color.  The wooden heel and back of the shoe are so dainty.  A truly classic and romantic style.  Would really have loved for these to fit.  Returning.  Boo!

Last but not least, a belt.  The Freehand Tartan Belt.
With a Land's End dress (LE Canvas reviews forthcoming):
Thoughts: It may not be great with this dress, but I like it.  It did seem a bit on the cheap side when I opened the box but it is like no other belt I've seen before and it fits well.  The colors are versatile.  Being that I paid a whopping $20, it's a keeper.  It runs large in my opinion.  Even on the tightest notch, the Small was not as snug as I would've liked.  Worn for an extended period of time up high on the rib cage, I'd imagine I'd be pulling it up from time to time.  An XS size option would be nice but I don't see that size available with any belt on the site.

Hope you made it through all my babble and pics.  Any disappointing purchases lately?


  1. I like the Freehand Tartan too! It's plaid and such great colors for spring! My latest disappointing purchase was the Antonetta blouse. It's like Bianka's large, ugly cousin. I liked the print and fabric, but it was huge and the ties just weren't right. Just bad.

  2. I love that first pair of pants on you. They look great! I hate disappointing purchased. Always so sad.

  3. I love the Moto jeans on you! They look great! The Tartan belt is so pretty (and I actually like it with the navy dress).

  4. Love those shoes, I hate when that happens. I don't have wide feet either but sometimes companies forget all women do not have delicate, slim barbie sized feet! LOL

  5. I've been delaying on reading these posts b/c I'm JEALOUS of your shopping haul! LOL. I DEFINITELY love the belt!!!

    Too bad the shoes don't fit. They are cute! :(