Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anthropologie Shadowbox Skirt

Whoops, totally forgot about this last review.  I actually purchased this skirt the second it went on sale.  Loved it from the first time I saw it, but ta nearly $200 it wasn't happening for me.  I had such high hopes.  While this is a gorgeous, well made skirt, it's just not for me.  I felt it was a little too short.  Also, my usual size was a bit snug making it feel quite uncomfortable and possibly causing it to sit higher up on my waist than intended.  The tight fit also made the pockets flare out slightly on my hips.  That's right!  She has pockets too!  But, short + tight = no bending or sitting without a show.  Of course, my husband was all for it.  Men!  The print and the material though are so high end looking in my opinion.  Really would've loved for this to have worked.  It was returned.  sigh...

Shadowbox Skirt
Gosh, it is just soooo pretty and different.  I imagine it with brown, black, turquoise, yellow, there are so many options.  Add in the funky bow and I'm in heaven.  At second cut and perhaps if I went up a size, this may come back into my home.  We'll see.  Any opinions on this one?  I see there are no reviews on the site.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Imprint Fossil, Fountain of Youth, Spring Ready

Finally!  The last of my fitting room follies from last Saturday.

Imprint Fossil Skirt
Another that has been on my wishlist since it appeared on the site.  Instant love!  Ran a bit large so I sized down and the waist is still a very comfortable fit.  Listed as an online exclusive, but the Edgewater store had all sizes in stock.  This skirt is long.  I am 5'6 and had to stand on my tiptoes for the pics to keep the dress off the ground.  The bow can be tied on the side, front, or removed.  I felt very feminine and light in this skirt.  Took her home but I'm still unsure about what to pair with it so it may go back if I can't make it work.  This is silk and dry clean only (bummer).  Hoping it goes on sale and I can get a PA although $128 is not bad for a great quality silk maxi.  Sadly, no pockets here.

Fountain of Youth Dress
Instant love yet again.  This dress would look good on anybody in my opinion.  The material is somewhat stiff so it holds it shape and the style is classic with a little twist in back.  Guess this would require a racer back or strapless bra.  Once again we have fabulous pockets!  Fit was TTS.  This fit me like a glove.  She's in my closet waiting for the first sign of nicer weather. Oh, and it's machine washable.  Hello, sold!

Sangatte Slip Dress
Flop.  This dress was so cute on the hangar but I could not believe it was $138.  Honestly, this feels like a $40 sundress that I could get anywhere.  It was well made and fit TTS but didn't feel like anything special to me.  Plus it was a major tummy pooch magnifier.  I guess the waist seam just hit me in the very wrong place.  All in all a very cute, simple little sundress.  I loved the smocked elasticized back and the print.  Just not the dress for me.  I can see this working on smaller or curvier body types though.  Athletic body types (read that as those with muscular shoulders and chests) would be great too.

Spring Ready Dress
Adorable on the site and on the hangar.  Great non-sale price at $98.  Who doesn't love a wrap style dress, right?  Well, this didn't work for me.  I felt it ran very large and just looked sloppy. It was like I was lost in a sea of rayon. Curvy girls will rock this dress hard though.  Loved the armholes (which is an odd thing to point out, but I did).  No pockets here and dry clean only.  Left this one at the store.  Navy only on the site but green and navy available in stores.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Latisse - 90 Day Progress

Finally!  The three month mark in my little Latisse experiment.  Between now and next month is when the big changes are supposed to take place.  I didn't notice until I looked at my photos, but the lashes are darker and appear thicker.  Not much more in the length department since last month, but my lashes do look better than ever.

No side effects thus far either.  As reported by other girls, I did have some stray lash hairs show up at the inner corners of my eyes that required plucking.  Gross and painful!!

I think we'll give this one more month and then I'll switch over to a drug store lash enhancing product.  The price of Latisse is just not something I can justify any longer.  I'd rather buy shoes with that money!

Without further ado, here are my comparison pics.  Day 1 versus Day 90.

Day 1 top, Day 90 bottom:
With makeup and one coat mascara
Day 1 top, Day 90 bottom:
 Day 1 top, Day 90 bottom:
Now, if only I could keep up with my brow waxes!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Skirt Edition

It is so funny to my husband that I have a ton of skirts because I don't usually wear them.  For summer though, I intend to get these legs out in the breeze.  Tried on a bunch of new skirts at Anthropologie on Saturday.  Came home with a few, but here's my fitting room experience and thoughts.

Place for Everything Skirt
Honestly, I didn't even have to try this on.  I knew I'd love it for casual summer days and I did.  The fit is perfect, quality is high and it's machine washable.  Fits TTS, hits at a comfortable spot on my waist without cutting into the muffin top.  I just really love it.  This came home with me and will get plenty of wear this summer.
Picked up the Banter Top to go with it.  Just a nice light summer shirt.  I loved the details.  This ran large in my opinion.  I am wearing an XS here.

Seeing as how this was an Eva Franco and a pencil skirt, I had to try it on.  Sadly, my usual size felt too tight.  This could be because of the cookies I can't stop putting in my face lately, but nonetheless, it was snug and I would have to size up.  Overall the fit was flattering.  Can't go wrong with vertical stripes.  The waist detail was so cute but hits me right at my problem area - the tummy pooch.  On sale, in a larger size and if I can stop eating cookies, I would buy this in a heartbeat.  It is very simple yet there is something special about it as well.  Even for $128, this is one very well made, high quality item that is essentially a classic.  Not sure how she does it, but Eva always manages to give me a little bit o' booty too.

I so very much wanted to love this one.  It's been on my wishlist ever since the spring catalog came out.  Unfortunately, there is NO shape to this whatsoever.  The way the seam runs down the front just looks matronly. It looks like something a high schooler would've made in Home Ec in the 60s. Comfortable?  Extremely.  But not at all cute.  Also, there are pockets on the sides and the stiffness of the pocket lining made the skirt stick out at the hips.  Maybe with a different top?  Maybe if I was 3 inches taller and didn't have a pooch it would've worked.  With great sadness, this one went back to the rack.

Well, it's a pencil skirt in every sense of the word.  I loved it so much.  The polka dot print and red seaming at the waist just added to the overall vintage feel.  The fit was true to size.  With the high waist though, it accentuates my belly and flat butt (I need Eva Franco here for some rear help).  With a waist length sweater it would've been fine, but I just didn't love her enough to take her home.  Perhaps on sale we will revisit.  If pencil skirts are your thing, do NOT miss this one.  It is so cute and so timeless, it will be gone quick I'm sure.
Anybody else digging this season's skirt styles?  Do you enjoy the resurgence of the pencil skirt (did it really ever go away)?  I do, so so much.  I'm off to break out my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs again so I can buy that polka dot number!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Sugar Work, Quiet Blush, Slubby Tulip

Ahh to have a Saturday to myself.  So what did I do?  Well, I had to return most of my sale order to Anthropologie and figured I'd try a few (well, more than a few) things on.  Did a little purchasing as well.

Here's some of my fitting room fun.

Sugar Work Skirt
This skirt is so cute!  I totally knew it was coming home with me before trying it on.  It is a great length, heavy weight material that holds it's shape, and it has pockets.  There is nothing I don't like about it.  My husband is not a fan of the "poufy" skirts as he puts it but that's his issue.  The fit was TTS.  Here's me in the fitting room:
I paired this with the Anadyomene Cardigan which I am now kicking myself for not buying.  May have to place an online order as I feel this one will sell out.

I know this one has been done and done and done before.  Don't believe I read any reviews where the blogger loved it.  I always loved it on them though so I was happy to get my hands on one today.  As is typical, I'm going against the grain here.  I love it.  Not with the dark tank I have on underneath, or my messy hair, but dressed up right, this is a very sweet and feminine dress.  The fit was perfect and TTS.  The fabric was very free flowing and the sash hit in just the right spot although I do wish it was a tad wider.  As seen in the Anthro site pic, it looks nice without the sash too and that's probably what I would do. I like that the lining was a separate slip from the dress.  This did not come home with me, but if it gets marked down, I'm all over it.

This dress looked so comfy and pretty on the rack that I had to try it on.  And that's where the love affair ended.  The fabric is cute, it is super comfy and I love the back.  BUT, it did nothing for me whatsoever.  Ran large in my opinion.  I am wearing an XS here and it felt too loose in the waist.  There is elastic there but it didn't stay up where I would've liked it.  Perhaps this would be a great dress for curvier girls because it is very light and pretty.  On me it just accentuates my lack of boobs and butt.  Not the look we're going for.  :)
As you can probably tell from the fitting room pics, I tried on a ton of stuff.  More reviews to come.

Any new purchases for summer yet?