Monday, March 14, 2011

Panty Post!!

Got your attention did I?  Don't worry, I won't be posting any pics of me in my panties, but I do have some news to share.  Like so many women, I've been on the hunt for the perfect panty (so dislike that word).  One that doesn't ride up all the places it shouldn't, one that stays put, one that is comfortable, one that does NOT show panty lines.  To be honest, I've been so fed up with the whole underwear thing that typically I've just gone without.  Feels so much better than a piece of fabric all up in my crack.

Ok, anyway, this is my new go-to panty.  The Aerie boyshort!
Not all of them are created equal though.  I like the ones with the thicker fabric leg opening.  I know, you'd think that would show but it doesn't.  The leg opening actually hits under the "cheek" instead of mid-cheek (may not be good for leggings though).  And they do not move an inch all day.  Ahhhh, comfort.  Proof in the pics below. 
And see, even when I do my happy comfy underwear dance they stay put!  Elaine Benis anyone?
Now I will consider my good deed of the day done.  PSA over.  Go buy some comfy undies.  :)


  1. Yay, lucky you! I am so happy for you :D Evey time I find a panty that I like and works for me, they don't make it anymore. I can't wear hipsters or boy shorts, (my shape doesn't take to it very well). I found a bikini with elastic lace trim from Maidenform (I think), but can't find it anymore.

    You look good!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Like Lyndsey, when I have found the perfect panty in the past, they seem to immediately be discontinued for some reason. You better stock up:) I'm lovin' your comfy underwear dance!!!

  3. you look so sexy with your jean! what a body!
    And that white shirt is so lovely, so my style of outfit.

    My last panty's I bought looked almost the same, but our housecleaner put them in my daughters closet and It was to late, she was wearing them, haha, these panty's where so perfect for her but also for me, isn't that amazing, what an elasticity xxxx