Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Random Stuffs

Just a few things I tried on that didn't seem to fit with the other categories.

So here are four items that I really loved.  Would purchase any one of them on sale.  Short and sweet here (time has been such an issue lately - ugh) so the pictures will have to account for most of the reviewing. I really think that works best anyway.  :)

Skewed Pullover
Funky, quirky, great print.  I just loved this.  Not much more to say other than it fit TTS.  I keep thinking about this one when I lay in bed at night.  May have to bit even at full price ($88).

Not sure what I'd actually wear this with but it was so cute.  And soft. I loved the back.  Would probably be a good topper for dresses and long sleeved tees in the fall.

In the catalog this is shown with a large stretchy belt and I can see why.  The thin elastic waistband of this otherwise perfect silk skirt is it's downfall.  It creates some weird bunching around the waist of anyone who doesn't have a perfectly flat tummy (and that's pretty much all of us, right?).  Otherwise, the length was perfect, it was so flowy and feminine.  I love the butterfly wing look print.  With a stretchy belt and on sale (it is now $188 - ouch) I may reconsider.

Lapel Skirt
This skirt actually came home with me but then went right back to the store.  It is seriously very cute.  The print is little orange and white apples.  I love the folded down look of the waist.  But I just felt it widened my hips a bit to much.  And maybe the $88 price tag gave me buyer's remorse, I don't know, but I just felt I had to return it.  My husband loved it though - oddly enough.  Runs true to size and is made of a men's dress shirt quality cotton.  If it goes on sale, it may come home again. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Dresses

More from last month.  Tried on a ton of dresses but had trouble finding a good fit.  Sorry for the crappy photos - used my son's cheapo point and shoot that has been dropped one too many times.

Sky Stories Dress
Isn't this dress just so cute on the model in the catalog?  Well, I know why she is laying down in the pic, this dress does very weird things to the boobs.  I'm going to blame the lack of support up top due to the tie in back and little backless section, but this did not work on me at all.  I can't even imagine it on someone who actually has boobs.  In fact, the entire bodice area fit very strange.  I felt this was loose on but in the pics it looks like I'm straining the fabric.  Very cute from the back though and a great length.  So pretty on the hangar, but...  And I don't think there is a bra made that you can wear with this other than pasties.

The "I Have No Idea What This Dress Is" Dress
I cannot lie, I love a maxi.  This one has a simple shape that just works.  I can't find it online so let's just call is The Hungry Caterpillar Dress.  Doesn't it remind you of Eric Carle books??  Anyway, this one fit like a dream.  Not much to say, it's a basic maxi in a great smooth fabric and funky print.  Loved it but didn't bite that day.  May go back and see if it is still there though.  Fit was TTS.  I'm 5'6 and the dress just hit the floor.

Every other picture I have seen on this dress on a "real" lady were wonderful.  On me though it is just too much dress.  It really widened my body from the boobs all the way to the floor.  Sigh...I wanted to like it.  I think it runs large.

I liked this dress but just not enough.  The length wasn't quite right as it hit just above my ankles.  But I loved the fit of the top.  I think finding a bra would be difficult though as it did dip quite a bit in front and sat low in back.  The top portion is like a very comfy jersey blend and the bottom is silk.  Very cute dress in a funky print.  Ran TTS.  There are small slits on either side at the bottom hem.

One of the most comfy and well made dresses ever.  This is such a flattering fit that I think anybody could wear it.  Loved the pattern as well.  And for only $158 I thought this was a steal.  My only issue was the length.  Knee length typically doesn't work for me as it gives no shape to my legs.  But, on sale, I might reconsider.  Ran TTS and I do urge you to try it on.  I adore Tracy Reese!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anthropologie Shorts Reviews

Ok.  I've had these pics for a while (a month actually, bad blogger) so figure I might as well just throw together a quick post.  For the record, I did not purchase any of the shorts shown here.  They all just didn't work for me for one reason or another.  I did however LOVE the AG Stevie crops.  Just didn't want to pop over almost $200 for them.  They remain on my wish list though.  :)

Here we go.  For the most part, I will let the pics speak for themselves.

Belted & Banded Shorts
 From the front, very cute.  A little short, but the fit was perfect and true to my normal size.  But the back - no way!!  I cannot wear a pant or short that doesn't have pockets.  It just looks like something is missing.  Um, yup, that would be the pockets!!  The belt is cute though.

These were so cute that I really wanted to love them.  Great length.  They ran just a bit tight but one size up was too big.  Hate when that happens.  But what is worse than no back pockets??  Teeny tiny, low set pockets that make even my smallish rear look large and unshapely.  Another to go back on the rack.  Boo!

Finally experienced what all the hype is about these pants.  The AG Stevies are awesome fitting (and even have good rear pockets).  These fit TTS and had some great stretch.  Fit like a glove.  $168 was just a bit too much for me though so I'm hoping for a sale...soon.  Or I might just bite the bullet and get them.  Oh, the white ones were so awesome too.  Great for summer!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More from the dark recesses of the closet - OOTD

It's been a bit of an internal battle to put off wearing some of my newer clothing in order to dust off some of my older stuff.  The skirt today comes from the same years ago sale room haul as my "donkey" skirt from last week.  As Overcaffinated commented the other day - wow, I really do have a ton of stuff.  It just seems that none of my bottoms, tops, accessories compliment each other.  I'm in true need of a stylist to come over, go through my stuff and show me all my options.  I'm sure I could probably get through a year or two without a repeat with all my stuff.  LOL

Anyhoo, this skirt my husband hates - hates!!  He says it's too poofy and big for my body (there are three additional layers under here, including crinoline).  Well, I can't help it, I love items that channel June Cleaver.  :)  I think the only reason I don't wear it more often is because I can't see beyond pairing it with white on top.  I'm sure red or another color would work too, but I just don't have the guts or the vision I guess.  So today I did the usual and put white on top.  Was thinking of red shoes but then stuck with the old safe choice again.  Looking at the pics, I don't care for the bright yellow on top, but what can ya do.

Promise, I'm not picking my undies in that first pic.
skirt - Odille for Anthropologie; tank - Loft; cardigan - Old Navy; shoes - Preview; bracelet - Anthropologie "Rock Candy"; necklace - Etsy; toes - OPI Anklets of Amethyst

Can't say I'll keep this on much after getting home from the office, but perhaps I'll vacuum and dust my house the whole ensemble so I can really be like June!

Do you like fuller skirt styles?  I'd be perfectly happy living in an episode of Happy Days or Grease.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - loosened lines, lunar cycles, villa mysteriis

Just a few reviews from my brandy new Anthropologie less than a mile from home.  Yay!  In the past few weeks, I've gone in many times already.  I've made really good use of the fitting room as well.

Lunar Cycles Top

Of course I loved this top in the catalog - it's very hippie, retro, just plain lovely flowy goodness without being a box.  On me though, eh, I wasn't so sure.  Felt it made me look a little large in the belly area and accentuated my broad shoulders a bit.  And you cannot wear this without a full length tank on underneath which I hate doing in the heat of spring/summer.  Honestly, a lot of the tops I've tried on recently have required a tank.  It's getting on my nerves Anthro!  I may reconsider this at sale time - I see it is available in a dark orange color too now which is very cool with perhaps some white AG Stevies?  ;-)

Villa Mysteriis Top

Have to admit, I really liked this quirky little top.  The shape and funky mellow print drew me right in.  I'm not sure the muted colors work best with my coloring so it went back on the rack but I still think about it.  :)  The fabric is a kind of rougher rayon that I feel won't wrinkle and really keep it's shape.  The detail at the neckline and those cute pockets really make this an original.  I love too that it doesn't seem to need a tank under it which seems to be against Anthro's norm these days (boo for see through!).

The shorts are the AG Bermudas I believe.  Very comfy but ran a little small on me so in this pic, they are too tight.

Loosened Lines Top

Really nothing much to say here so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (in case you can't hear them, they are saying - Ewww, not for me, totally gross).  But hey, at least it wasn't sheer!  And this is a Small - a very very huge small.

Who's-Got-The-Button Top
This top is freakin' adorable.  The fit and feel are perfect.  It is so super soft.  All those little buttons are so cute too. Not with this skirt, of course, but I am going back for this one soon.  Comes in a few great colors (I really liked the red) and is machine washable.  Woohoo!  Oh, and the fabric is stiff enough to look nice untucked as well as tucked. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elementary School Meets Fountain of Youth

Took the day off on Friday so I could attend the Mother's Day Brunch at my daughter's school.  It was so nice to not go to work and to watch my little girl put on a show with her friends.  I was told the night before, in no uncertain terms, that I was to "dress up" for the event "in a dress".  Since the weather seemed to be cooperating, I chose the Fountain of Youth dress.  Can't tell you how much I love it!  There doesn't seem to be much you can do to dress is up or down so basically my outfit consisted of dress + shoes.  Easy!
I did put on a cardigan for the walk to school.  The show and all the little notes and gifts the kids gave to their moms were so cute.  They sang us some songs, we enjoyed some bagels and juice, and took pictures with the teacher.  It was very well put together and extremely adorable.  Here's me and my little princess in her classroom.
On me: dress - Anthropologie Fountain of Youth; cardigan - Merona for Target; shoes - Seychelles "Joan"; toes - China Glaze Purple Panic (neon)
On Lil Miss (she asked me to include her OOTD deets): dress - Target (was a mere $17 and we get so many compliments on it); cardigan - ? from Neiman Marcus a few years ago; glasses - Sears

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Monday, May 2, 2011

WTF? - Scarf OOTD

Ok, I know I can't be completely alone here.  So you know that whole scarf trend?  Yeah, I love it too.  BUT, I can't ever get mine right.  I need a how to on scarf tying.  Is there a Scarves for Dummies book out yet?

Today's scarf I got on sale at Anthropologie.  It's such a great print but I wasn't sure what to wear with it.  When I saw the scarf online, the model was shown wearing it with a black and white striped top.  I'm not big on horizontal striped shirts, but I did have this cute tube dress and decided to give it a try today.
Here's my scarf experimentation (long, short, add jacket - not sure what the heck to do).
dress - American Eagle; scarf - Anthropologie Sevea; denim moto jacket - Juicy Couture; shoes - Preview via Nordstrom Rack

Don't mind my puppy there (he's the white blur of fur behind me).  The school bus arrived for my neighbor during our photo session and he had to make sure she got off ok.  Barking at the bus apparently gets the job done.  ;)
Have you embraced the scarf?  Care to share any tips or styling ideas?  I have accumulated quite a collection, but most I just have no idea what to do with.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doing the 70s Full On

Since I have been so in love with my Paige Lou Lou flares, I decided to go one step further and purchase a pair of bell bottoms.  Saw the AG Farrahs on Anthro but the price was too steep for something I was unsure about so I hit up Ebay and scored a pretty good deal.

While I do love the shape of these jeans, the higher waist will take some getting used to.  The low rise usually works for me because I carry my little flab pooch above the low rise waist.  These mid rise jeans hit me right at the flab so they were a tad tight in that area.  But I have been working out fairly intensely for almost a week so I'll keep them as I'm hoping the pooch will disappear in time (if I can keep the momentum going).  Also, these aren't as "bell-bottomy" as I thought they'd be.

Anyway, here's the best 70s I could do with what was in my closet.
jeans - AG Farrah via Ebay; top - H&M; tank - Gap; shoes - Enzo Angiolini; bag - Michael Kors

What do you think of bell bottoms?  Are you loving the whole Bohemian fashion thing going on this season?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Two Skirt Kinda Day

Hello there.  Long time no see.  With a large work project finally off my back, I was anxious to get back to the blog.  Regardless of who reads it or doesn't read it, creating blog posts is therapeutic for me.  Therefore, today is a good day.  :)

This morning I was all set to wear this skirt.
In fact, I had it on and was ready to go, shoes and all.  That was until I stood in front of my bedroom window - a sunny bedroom window.  My husband walked in and said "Whoa, hello everything.  That skirt is totally see through!"  After a few seconds of unplanned groping, I changed my skirt.  I will be ordering a slip today.  Where does one even buy slips anymore?  Hmmm...

Being pushed for time and knowing it was a maxi day for me, I kept everything the same and decided upon the Water's Edge skirt.  Double layers of thick jersey, you are not seeing through this one.

I did have to choose between a clunky necklace and scarf though.  It was a bit cool out so I opted for the scarf.  Did I do ok?
skirt - Anthropologie Water's Edge maxi; tank - Victoria's Secret; sweater - Old Navy; scarf - Anthropologie; shoes - Enzo Angiolini wedge; necklace - Emma Stine (Groupon offer); toesies - OPI Passion for NY Fashion

Wow, I need a haircut BAD!
I felt super comfy all day if not just a tad boring.  Perhaps I should've been born in the 60s.  They totally had the best and most comfy clothes!