Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doing the 70s Full On

Since I have been so in love with my Paige Lou Lou flares, I decided to go one step further and purchase a pair of bell bottoms.  Saw the AG Farrahs on Anthro but the price was too steep for something I was unsure about so I hit up Ebay and scored a pretty good deal.

While I do love the shape of these jeans, the higher waist will take some getting used to.  The low rise usually works for me because I carry my little flab pooch above the low rise waist.  These mid rise jeans hit me right at the flab so they were a tad tight in that area.  But I have been working out fairly intensely for almost a week so I'll keep them as I'm hoping the pooch will disappear in time (if I can keep the momentum going).  Also, these aren't as "bell-bottomy" as I thought they'd be.

Anyway, here's the best 70s I could do with what was in my closet.
jeans - AG Farrah via Ebay; top - H&M; tank - Gap; shoes - Enzo Angiolini; bag - Michael Kors

What do you think of bell bottoms?  Are you loving the whole Bohemian fashion thing going on this season?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Two Skirt Kinda Day

Hello there.  Long time no see.  With a large work project finally off my back, I was anxious to get back to the blog.  Regardless of who reads it or doesn't read it, creating blog posts is therapeutic for me.  Therefore, today is a good day.  :)

This morning I was all set to wear this skirt.
In fact, I had it on and was ready to go, shoes and all.  That was until I stood in front of my bedroom window - a sunny bedroom window.  My husband walked in and said "Whoa, hello everything.  That skirt is totally see through!"  After a few seconds of unplanned groping, I changed my skirt.  I will be ordering a slip today.  Where does one even buy slips anymore?  Hmmm...

Being pushed for time and knowing it was a maxi day for me, I kept everything the same and decided upon the Water's Edge skirt.  Double layers of thick jersey, you are not seeing through this one.

I did have to choose between a clunky necklace and scarf though.  It was a bit cool out so I opted for the scarf.  Did I do ok?
skirt - Anthropologie Water's Edge maxi; tank - Victoria's Secret; sweater - Old Navy; scarf - Anthropologie; shoes - Enzo Angiolini wedge; necklace - Emma Stine (Groupon offer); toesies - OPI Passion for NY Fashion

Wow, I need a haircut BAD!
I felt super comfy all day if not just a tad boring.  Perhaps I should've been born in the 60s.  They totally had the best and most comfy clothes!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Day, Another Birthday

Right after the birthday cake for my son's third birthday, off we went to the hospital to await the arrival of the little princess.

Happy birthday to my little peanut.  I hope you have a fabulous day!!

Of course, another journey through pictures.  It's just what moms do.

Thoughtful enough to let her brother enjoy his birthday cake, a teeny little chicklet waited just long enough to come into the world so each sibling would have their own day.
Such a petite little flower, I am constantly in awe of your adventurous spirit and strength (clearly your mother's child).
 Most of the time super sweet,
 But sometimes a little sour,
She's just so cute that even her brother can't pass up the chance for a little hug.
You've got lots to smile about and have given us tons to smile about too.  Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you.  We love you munchkin.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Little Man Celebrates a B-Day

I know I haven't been around as work has been nuts, but I HAD to carve out a few minutes to wish my first born a very happy birthday.

I love you my little big man.  You have made me worry like I never thought I'd worry before, but we wouldn't change a thing.  You are turning into a wonderful and thoughtful fellow.

Life's journey in pictures (a/k/a mom's brag book):

Once upon a time, God granted me a cute and lovable little boy.
He was so wonderful, we decided to try for a playmate.  Sometimes she wants to kill him, but mostly, she loves him too.
We've had some seriously scary times but you are so strong, you pulled through with flying colors and have inspired and helped others going through the "Cranio Wars"
You are the family rock star in more ways than one. 
You are very much a boy but do clean up quite well.  :)
So keep on climbing.  The best is yet to come.
 We love you!  Peace out.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeling Like Me - OOTD

Alright, I confess.  This is me.  If the weather is anywhere under 70 degrees, I just adore my jeans.  Simple, simple, simple.  Fussing over accessories just ain't my bag man.  A plain tee or blouse, an awesome pair of jeans and some cute shoes is how I'm comfortable.  It makes my day seem less stressful and I feel light.  That's not to say it's not fun to shake it up a bit now and again, but I've been fussing so much over trying to look like I've "got it", whatever "it" is, that mornings have been much less than fun.  Top that off with being tired from long work hours and we've got one miserable momma.

So today, well actually Friday, I went back to me.  With just a touch of classic Anthropologie girlyness (see belt which actually reminds me of Laura Ashley).  :)
jeans - Paige Lou Lou via Anthropologie (big giant Xs and Os for these); top & belt (from a three piece set) - Anthropologie; shoes - Target; bracelets - gift; necklace - Ruche

And words cannot describe how I feel about these jeans.  I mean the back could be a little more butt flattering, but they fit like a dream.  No squeezing the muffin top, perfect length; just super comfy.  You want your legs to look long and lean, definitely give these a whirl.  Sold out at Anthro online, but quite a few have popped up on ebay recently.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Rare Occurrence - OOTD

Yup, wore a dress today.  A girly sophisticated dress no less.  This does not happen often.  Think I took my husband by surprise.  Actually this is my second dress of the day.  The first one put me in a bad mood as I couldn't fill out the top.  :(  This one was a little better but there is extra room in the rear and bust even with a push up bra on (surprise, surprise).  Guess we'll have to start an account with the tailor.

When I first put this dress on something didn't seem right on top.  Nothing a necklace could fix either.  So I went online and checked out Anthro's styling for this number.  Then I pretty much copied it the best I could (although I had the fishnets on before seeing this pic).  I admit, I'm far from a stylist and need all the help I can get!  I couldn't get the scarf right either.  It looks like I'm wearing a neck brace.
dress - Anthropologie Pittore dress; scarf - Aerie; fishnets - Cynthia Rowley via Gilt Groupe; shoes - Damita K via Tillys

Why is it that fishnet stockings still draw so much attention?  I thought they were pretty commonplace these days and these are micro nets.  What do you think?  Fishnets ok for the office (my office is very casual, usually jeans and a tee are fine)?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring? OOTD

There are some upsides to being strapped to my computer and the Internet all day.  During slow times I can catch up on my blog roll, grab a pair of shoes at the start of a sale before they sell out, enjoy commercial free radio on Pandora, obsessively check on the airfare for our summer trip...  Last week I was lucky enough to catch Lisa from Respect the Shoes' blog sale post pretty much the minute it hit the airwaves and quickly landed a super sweet skirt from J Crew.  It arrived last week and I was excited to wear it out. 

The weather however has had other plans for me.  Today I decided it had to happen and paired my new-to-me "springy" skirt with my winter wear.
skirt - J Crew via Lisa's blog sale; tank - Gap; cardigan - Land's End canvas; tights - DKNY; boots - Matisse; spider necklace - gift from the husband (such a romantic wedding gift, no?)

My husband did not like my navy blue cardigan with this outfit at all.  He also didn't care for the skirt (it's not skin tight).  But I wore it anyway and felt quite happy with it.  Do you think a different color on top would work better?  Perhaps pulling a pink or even the mustard yellow from the skirt?

If you haven't checked out Respect the Shoes, please do so now.  Lisa has awesome fashion sense and is a master of knowing what to put with what (something I don't think I will ever grasp).  Her blog sale is still running as well.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, an award! Thank you, Thank you!

The super sweet Terrie of The Anthropological Shopper gave me an award last week.  I'm somewhat unfamiliar with how this works, but will try to follow the directions as best I can.  Here is my Versatile Blogger Award "stuff"!  Thank you Terri, you rock!

When you get the Versatile Blogger Award
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog in your post. Tell seven things about yourself and award seven recently discovered bloggers and contact the bloggers to let them know they received the Versatile Blogger Award.
Seven things huh?  Well, this could be tough but I'll try.  :)

1.  My husband and I met online through an online dating service.  Pretty sure that makes us nerds.

2.  I have my motorcycle license.  Oh yeah, I'm real badass.  Took the 3 day long class, rode the little light motorcycle they gave us, passed the test and got my license.  My husband (then boyfriend) even bought me a Honda Nighthawk for Valentine's Day.  That spring we took it to the park to practice.  I rode around in a few circles, all in 1st gear, came to a stop and stalled.  At that point the bike leaned a little too far and it dropped, bending the shift lever up so that my husband had to drive us home in one gear.  Never rode again.  Yet!

3.  I played the clarinet throughout Jr. High and my freshman year of High School.  At that point it was no longer cool to be in band and despite being first chair, I dropped it.  I have always regretted that as my grandparents were so proud of my playing and I know they were disapointed I let it go.  My son though recently took it up for a year and used my old clarinet.  Ironically, he dropped it as it was not cool for a boy to play clarinet at 9 years old.  sigh...

4.  My first job ever at age 14 was as a lingerie sales girl in the Woodbury Commons outlets.  Yup, at 14 I was measuring women for bras and selling thongs.  Interesting work.  I did however have a better lingerie collection than most 30 year olds.  Scary!

5.  At the start of my junior year of college I started having panic attacks.  For a while this turned into major anxiety disorder and agoraphobia.  Anytime I would travel more than a few minutes from home I would get overcome with panic and would have to rush to the bathroom or pass out.  I've seen my fair share of gas station bathrooms to last a lifetime and never did finish college or get my degree...yet!

6.  I am a major day dreamer.  Seriously, I can't turn it off.

7.  Three years ago I did get to cross one item off my bucket list.  My husband and I went sky diving in Las Vegas.  See, I am bad ass! ;)  A little advice if you chose to do the same - do NOT, under any circumstances, ever, ever, ever opt for the videotape.  Nobody looks good while skydiving!  When I go, that DVD is coming with me.

Seven newly discovered bloggers I enjoy (but there are so many more):

Respect the Shoes, Found In My Closet, Jo Jo Phine, Kirsten Marie, Kristina J, Mozzarella & Makeup and The Girliest Boy Mom