Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OOTD - First Day of Spring & a B-Day

This year on the first day of spring we had a party to go to.  My little nephew (actually, he's my grand nephew but that just makes me sound much older than 37) is turning 2.  Party was held at my sister-in-law's house and the weather was pretty nice.  Warm sun but the wind had a bit of bite to it.  I figured a good ole cardigan was the way to go here.

And luckily I decided not to have my new Paige Lou Lou's hemmed before washing and drying them.  The length is now perfect for the wedges I would typically wear with these.  Probably could lose an inch off the bottom, but after seeing how much they shrunk, I'm just going to keep 'em as is.
jeans - Paige Lou Lou via Anthropologie; tank - Gap outlet; cardigan - Land's End Canvas; shoes - Preview via Nordstrom Rack ($21 score!); nails - Zoya Eve

The kids all had a blast playing outside for the first time in a while!
 The beautiful birthday boy.  Can you say eyelashes for miles!
And we had skebbies for dinner.  This is my grand niece and her first spaghetti slurp.
And one of the hubs just cuz I think he's cute.  :)
Happy Spring everyone.


  1. looks cute and comfy! anthropologie has great stuff!

  2. Cute outfit for Spring. I alway were layers (or cardigans) here in Florida, because even if it's hot outside the A/C is always too cold for me. Nice family shots! Looks like everyone had fun!!

  3. Looks like a fun party! Cool action shot of the scooter! The birthday boy is so handsome:)

    Your jeans look like a great length and I love your top!

  4. your outfit is perfect, i would wear the same! and the children are such cuties! x

  5. Gorgeous cardigan with jeans :)
    And his eyelashes are so adorable and long!
    Cute images!

    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  6. Thanks girls. We did have a really great time that day. Having these days of cold and snow following it though, not fun at all! More spring weather please. :)