Friday, January 28, 2011

The New Wish List

Since I am now a better shopper (ahem...well, trying - really hard - to be), I keep a "wish list" in my purse at all times.  For the most part, if you're not on the list, you're not coming home with me (unless you are from Anthropologie or someone is having a 99% off sale on Burberry and Gucci).  The wish list is a result of my disecting my entire wardrobe and seeing what was needed to tie together the pieces i already own.  Polyvore has been really cool for this purpose too.  I just go to my home page, type in whatever is on my wish list and viola, a photo collage of the wants.  And then for each item I add to my list, I can see other user's collage's of how they'd style that piece.  Fun times.  Although after viewing some of those collages, that wish list could really grow.

Not that anybody should care, but I'm going to share my current wish list here.  Hey, you find any good deals on the items listed, lemme know and then we can be BFFs!  :)

As of today, I'm in the market for: a great black cloche, classic trench, dressy bow blouse, satiny flower neck halter top, motorcycle jacket, leather obi belt, longish denim tunic (to pair with said obi belt), cute dresses with a vintage-y feel, the perfect red shoes.

new wish list

new wish list by BettyRay featuring a washed leather jacket

Do you keep a "wish" list?  Any other ways to keep your buying in check?

1/29 Update: ordered the blouse and obi today and a few cute retro dresses the other day (ModCloth is such a cute site).  Now I must STOP shopping!  The UPS man is going to think I have a problem and he may be right.

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