Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh Yeah, and I'm Addicted to Nail Polish - Freebie Alert!!

Yup, me.  The one with nubs for finger nails.  I don't bite them or pick at them, they are just soft and break very easily.  Yet, I LOVE nail polish (and lipstick).  I think it's all the color possibilities.  Or maybe it's just the shiny sparklies!  Someday I'm going to go through what I have and offer some here - it's really time to cut back.

But, that day is not today, no sir!!  Zoya Nail Polish is having a Facebook promo offering 3 free bottles of nail polish with code FB2011.  Become a fan HERE and order away.  My plan was to take advantage of the three freebies and order one additional, but somehow nine polishes ended up in my cart.  Hmmm...I may have a problem.

If you order, lemme know whatcha got!!

Here's my haul:
Zsa Zsa

I'd add photos but it seems the site is having traffic issues and I can't get in.  Worth it to keep trying though.

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  1. yay i never tried them as well we will see how they are, they should be good, i think that all the colors i ordered are cream/opaque