Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, I Used to Love These Pants

But after seeing myself wearing them, not so much.  They make me look much bigger on the bottom than I am.  Sigh...

Figured I'd share anyway as I went ahead and paired some things from my closet that I never would've before.

Going headless as I just couldn't get a pic where I didn't look like an angry old lady.  LOL
Whoops, the flash makes a sheer shirt a bit too sheer (didn't look at the pics until I got home from the office - eek)
Outtake - Rico loves to check out what I'm doing.  I think he wants to eat my camera remote
Wide leg trousers - Gap; blouse - Express; cardi - Banana Republic; necklace - Ann Taylor Loft; shoes - random black patent pumps (not shown)

I like the upper portion here, but I'm very not happy about the pants.  I've had these for years too and wore them often when I worked in Manhattan!  Oh well.  Perhaps this top will look better with a leaner pant or a pencil skirt.

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I actually like wide legged pants... and I don't think it makes your legs look big at all. JMO though. :)

    A pencil skirt would definitely be cute too!