Monday, January 10, 2011

Photography - My Baseline

As mentioned before, I have a burning desire to be a great photographer.  Toward that end, my husband gave me a fabulous gift this Christmas - two private lessons with a photography teacher.  He will work with me on my specific needs and wants and I'm sooooo excited.

I figured I'd post what I consider my favorite photos to date.  They are straight OOTC (out of the camera) as I am clueless about Photoshop and post processing.  They are also in no way perfect and for most of them, I wasn't trying to take a perfect photo, just some family shots or trying to document an event.  But, they will give me something to compare myself to in terms of progress.

So, here are my favs from the past two years (which is the amount of time I've been shooting with my DSLR).

I'll stop there.  Sometimes I think I like the subject matter more than the technical aspects of the picture.  Here's to improved photos in 2011!

I'm going to link to my other blog here where I am posting my favorite (most appetizing) food photos of 2010.  Hoping to take more time and effort photographing that too.


  1. Great photos girl!!! Can't wait to see what you learn from the lessons!!! I really love just the caught in the moment pics...

  2. Thanks Laura! I really hope to find some inspiration. Lately I'm so uninspired and disgusted by my NJ surroundings so it's hard to get going. :)

  3. great photos

  4. I hear that! Plus it's so damn cold out at the moment... who wants to shoot outside!

    Ready for the next snowstorm???