Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When You Can Wear Jeans to Work

Let's just say it's very easy to get into a rut.  Five mornings a week I work in an office with zero dress code and zero supervision (for the most part).  Love it.  The rest of the day and sometimes on weekends, I work from home.  Again, no dress code, no supervision, nobody sees me.  Even when I strictly worked from home, I would shower and get dressed, but there were lots o' sweatpants going on.  Just over a year ago when I added the office job, I would wear jeans but with a nice top, perhaps a scarf, etc.  Over the past few months, it's gone to jeans and a tee shirt - even leggings and a sweatshirt!  Gasp.  I've gotten very lax to say the least.

This year I'm going to amp it up again.  Even though nobody sees me for the most part, it's nice to look like you care and I do feel better when I look good and put together.

Here's an outfit I wore for drinks with my husband that I would also wear to work.  Well, with a nude tank under the lace shirt.

Sorry about the cut off pics.  Was hoping you could see the shoes.  Still no tripod and nobody home to shoot.
Cardigan - Madewell
lace top - Victoria's Secret
boot cut jeans - ReRock for Express (extremely flattering, highly recommended)
shoes - grey flannel pumps by Jessica Simpson


  1. Super cute! Love the shoes. I have issues with pumps that have no strap across though. :( My feet won't stay in them and I flip flop in and out of them... Hate that!

    I hear ya about being lazy going to work... I never get that dressed up anymore.

  2. i like your outfit, you look really pretty, what a lovely blog


  3. LOVE the shoes! They are a perfect wintertime pump. And you rock them.