Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mixed Media & Big Boots

This was one of those days where the outfit I had all set out the night before, just didn't work.  My last minute scramble to get myself dressed resulted in a variety of this and that.  We have corduroy, velvet, wool and the always wonderful, pleather.  My husband was surprised that it all seemed to come together.  It was ok.  Not sure it will make a repeat appearance all in the same day again.  :)

The pics - sorry, didn't notice that my curtains are nearly the exact color of my pants until my little photo session was complete.  Durr... 
Cord leggings - American Eagle; sweater - Madewell; velvet tank & necklace - Loft; boots - G for Guess; nails - OPI's Lucertainly Look Marvelous

All in all, a comfy outfit.  But my fake leather boots (a/k/a vegan leather LOL) are a little squeaky when I sit down and they look like pirate boots with the whole top flap and all.  Anyone have an eye patch and parrot I can borrow?


  1. Cute! Boots don't look fake at all! I hate when I have an outfit in mind only to hate it when I put it on! Too many days I head out the door late b/c of numerous last minute wardrobe changes. LOL I also hate that "I look OK" feeling when I don't exactly love my outfit. :)

  2. Exactly Laura! I think it was the squeak in the boots that made me feel they were very "fakey". LOL