Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haul With a Purpose

When I get a Saturday without the kids, I usually like to get any shopping done early in the morning.  Well, this past Saturday I was kidless and did something I've never done before - went to the mall - with a list, determined not to stray from it.  And we did good!!

Since my resolution to become a better shopper, I have reorganized my closet, purged all yuckiness and made a list of the items I need to tie everything together.  That list resides in my bag and is updated regularly.

My current list includes: black blazer, denim/chambray shirt (dressy & casual), black tote, anorak jacket, pencil skirt, floral scarf, trench, cloche, bow blouse, red cardigan, blouse to go with white trousers, thin belts (brown & black), bow neck silk halter (in a bright color), short black leather jacket, a great dress

So, Ann Taylor 40% off coupon in hand, I set out.  Parked and headed straight to my planned destination.  Another thing out of the ordinary, I tried things on in the store!!  I never do that.  I usually buy, take home and then return whatever I didn't like.  This typically causes me to hold on to things that I may not love.

After Ann Taylor (regular & Loft), I hit Lord & Taylor (have a gift card), left empty handed and drove to Target.  Here's what I ended up with (all of it from my list - well, one exception but I know what I can wear it with).
Ann Taylor Haul

Ann Taylor Haul by BettyRay featuring a snake belt

And my "bonus" shirt (the one on your right).  It was just so soft and comfy and I loved the asymmetrical neckline.  Oh yeah, and it was $12.  But, did I buy it just because it was cheap?  Nope, it will go perfectly with a black wool mini I've had for years.
Hope you enjoyed my haul. I know i did!  Keep your eyes out for some OOTDs using these pieces.  I have three in mind already.
Enjoy your day everybody.  I'm off to cut these items from my wish list.  Yay!!


  1. OK.. JEALOUS of your shopping spree. If I ever dress nice again for work I'll finally post a OOTD. :)

    Love the red cardigan... can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks Laura. It was fun to go out and spend a little money on myself without coming home and saying why the hell did I buy that??!!

    Would love to see some OOTD from you. Although, now that I'm dressing a little nicer (very little), people are acting like I'm up to something. People do NOT like change. LOL