Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clothed Much Jewelry Give-Away

Next week you will see a post inspired by Elaine over at Clothed Much.  She's got a really great blog about modest fashion and is just lovely.

Anyway, today she is starting a give-away for a lovely necklace and rin from Ruche.  Ruche is a beautiful site dedicated to fashionable accessories and clothing with a vintage-y feel by lots of indie designers.  They have plus sizes too!

To enter, visit Clothed Much for further details and the entry form.  I think you'll really enjoy Elaine's blog.

Some great Ruche items
See!  What are you waiting for??  Get on over there and enter.  I think I'm about to place a Ruche order.  :)


  1. Holy blogging today batgirl! LOL.

    I LOVE the 2nd necklace with the feathers!!!

  2. I know! LOL I only had one planned, but the other two deals were too good to not share with my girls. :) I so want the feather necklace and may get it.