Monday, January 17, 2011

Black & Brown OOTD

I've seen a lot of posts about breaking the whole don't wear brown and black together "rule".  Figured I'd give it a try.  I think this looked much better in person than it does in the photos, but maybe not.  Definitely out of my comfort zone and I feel like I'm having an off week with the whole fashion thing, but I will not give up (yet).  Luckily, it was a comfy outfit.  I highly recommend corduroy leggings - soft and comfy!  Maybe this needs a thin belt at the waist or a longer cardi or something?  Or maybe I just need a stylist!

Sorry about the photos, I'm still headless and tripodless.  Perhaps I got prematurely excited about Dolica sending me a free replacement part.  Arrrrgh.
Pants - Blank via Piperlime; cardi - Victoria's Secret; print tank - Madewell; white tank - Loft; botties - G by Guess; spider necklace - Little King custom (wedding gift from the hubbers)

My next job to tackle is accessories.  I've never been big on necklaces, earrings, etc., but I see how they can really make an outfit.  Hoping to find some nice pieces to tie my wardrobe together.  Would love some recommendations - particularly for Etsy sellers.  I love supporting  independent artisans.


  1. LMAO b/c I'm so one of those people who don't feel comfy wearing brown and black together... It's either or for me. Your outfit looks good though as you broke it up with a print top.

    I swear we are so much alike as I hardly ever wear jewelry either... once in a while I'll wear earrings... but usually it's just my wedding rings.

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  2. I love black and brown together... but that's me. I like contrast. And I agree that your top ties the two together.

    I haven't ordered too much jewelry on Etsy, aside from my Carolyn Buss pieces. I usually like to throw mix and match pieces of jewelry together that I find on clearance and that I make myself— I can't get away with wearing too much because of the kids.

    Check out clearance jewelry at Cost Plus World Market... I just got a cute pair of sterling silver "ladder" earrings for $7.

  3. i really like this outfit, have you heard of hrh collection she sells jewelry on etsy some really cute ones, im following her blog and she does youtube, let me know if gonna be coming our way to la, i know some really good sushi places or other good restaurants/shopping places