Thursday, February 17, 2011

Offer Meeting Attire

Why is it that corporate positions always require so many meetings on so many different occasions with so many different people??  I've always thought it to be such a waste.  But anyway, this is what I wore to my 2nd interview/offer meeting.  Now the real fun begins.  Deciding if I should go back to working for someone else.  Not my first choice, but sometimes in life we don't have many fun options.
skirt - Express; blouse - Tiny for Anthropologie; nude tank - Anthropologie; tights - Gap; shoes - Damita K; jacket - H&M; cardigan - Banana Republic; necklace - Ruche

There may possibly be a tattoo on my right ankle so when wearing a skirt for an interview, dark tights are a must.  After hire though, all bets are off and you let your freak flag fly!

I think all went well during my meeting so we'll see what happens next.  Perhaps I'll need to go in again.  For more meetings!  I'll need more clothes.  :)

2 days after meeting:
Job Update: Unfortunately, despite a super attractive salary, benefit and perk package and the chance to work with my old boss again, I had to turn down this job offer.  My husband and I just could not work out the whole what to do with the kids after school thing.  It is a sad day when you realize that your options are very limited and that you don't have the support you thought you did.


  1. Sorry to hear about the job. I had let go of a job I love to make it with work with my hubby's job and kid's school. sometime life just happens, but that is not always necessarily a bad thing. i hope things work out. things always have a way of working itself out. maybe treat yourself to some retail therapy :) that always does the trick for me. p/s you looked very sleek and sharp in your interview outfit.

  2. I just love this blouse! Perfect for the job, for lunch for just everything! Love it. You look great.
    Kristina J.

  3. Your blouse is gorgeous! Great interview outfit!

    I'm so sorry you had to turn down the offer. As Lisa said, sometimes life just happens. I know it will all work out in the end:)

  4. oh that's such a pity about that job, but don't worry, it means that there will be something else waiting for you,and much better! Take the positive mind and learn lessons from negatives.
    You look chic in your outfit! lovely !! kisses dear x

  5. Wooow this shirt is amazing, judging from this pick I'm sure you must have a great sense of style! Xxx

  6. Love the outfit... especially the blouse!

    Sorry about the job though... but at least you were offered it! So you know you kick ass!!!

  7. :( oh no so sorry to hear about that.... As cliche as this will sound and as much as you have heard this millions of times but I have to say it again: Everything happens for a reason! Its specially tough because of the economy, but don't worry everything will work out great.... Maybe u should wear your new dress to a job interview next time.. Hahahah or your new skirt!

  8. Hey ladies, thanks for all the kind words. As of today, I'm over it (mostly). We haven't gained anything but we haven't lost anything.

    And about the blouse - it is possibly one of my fav things in my closet right now. It looks great with the sleeves rolled and a pair of jeans. Ha - me in jeans, who woulda thunk it!

    have a great weekend everyone.