Monday, February 28, 2011

Anthropologie Sale Room Haul & Return

Apparently I'm still not 100% sure of what type of clothing works with my body.  Craving a trip to an actual Anthro store (not just via ebay) got the best of me the other day and off we went to Edgewater, NJ.  Promised the kids burritos from Chipotle if they behaved and allowed me 20 minutes of shopping.  They did ok, but being that they were with me, there was no way I was venturing into the fitting room  and 20 minutes really didn't do it for me.  After trying things on today, most of it is going back.  :(  But I do really love what I'm keeping!

Here's my haul and thoughts.
Bianka blouse in red - absolutely a keeper.  Great fit!  Sometimes simple is the best.
Fancy Clad hoodie - going back.  As a general rule, I hate hoods even on my outerwear so I don't know why I thought this would be different.  Perhaps the cute ruffle sucked me in.
Pleated As You Please jacket - one of the cutest little jackets, but going back, too big.  If they had my proper size, this would've been a keeper.  Going up a size just doesn't work with a fitted piece.
Ruched Peony top - so cute but I'm not sure I love it.  Consider this on the fence.
Scaffold & Scrim cardigan - I LOVE it.  Husband does not (probably because it's not short and tight).  Another for the fence cuz the hubs is pooping on my cardi party.  Ah heck, I'm keeping it.
Hop, Skip, Jump skirt - keeper!  Well, if I could fill out the hips and butt.  :(  May try to size down.
Pulling it Together sweater - not a sale item but I really needed a yellow cardi.  Love the details and simplicity.  Keep!
Cartonnier 3/4 sleeve blazer - looks better in person than in the pics and is a keeper.  Excuse the angry face, nursing a migraine.
Long wrap sweater that looks great on the hanger but terrible on my apple shape.  Return!
Winter Beauty Pullover - had such high hopes for this. Unfortunately, the flounce hits at just the wrong place on me.  If it was just a tad bit longer before flouncing out, it would've worked.
Random ruched and ruffled top - clings to all the wrong places and the color is quite yawn on me.  Buh-bye.
I was hoping to keep more of what I purchased but I'm having a bit of a hating my aging body moment.  Once my excedrin kicks in it's P90X Plyo for me!

Does anybody else do this while shopping with the kids (actually, this is my MO when alone too) - just grab it all, buy it, then try it on at home?  I need a better system. The staff is so going to hate me when I go back with this huge return.


  1. Good choices! Love the Bianca! I need to try on the Pulling it Together cardigan. It looks super cute (love the bottons/design/pockets)! I could always use another cardi:) The Cartonnier blazer looks great on you!

  2. what a lovely items and i like clothes with ruffles, i usually try the clothes in shop, because i would not find the time to go back on time ;-) x

  3. Love your picks! I don't have kids, but I do pretty much what you do. I purchase a bunch of stuff, and then try it on at home. Mostly so I can really see if I like it with my current closet, and to see if my fiance likes it as well. I usually end up returning something.


  4. Ideally, I like to try everything on in the store and limit the number of returns that I do. (I just hate having to do two trips) I usually bribe my daughter (lollipop or promise of ice cream, etc), grab everything I want to try on, and head to the fitting room. If I'm on the fence about something, I'll usually take it home and re-assess it there. The bribe only works for one or two stores I can only do the long outings on my own.