Friday, February 11, 2011

There once was a purple sweater

it was ruffly and thick and had a funky bow and buttons where buttons need not be.  The minute I spotted it, I was sure I would just love, love, love it.  And then I put it on. Que the chirping crickets.  Hmmm...totally on the fence with this one.  My husband liked it.  And I mean REALLY liked it.  I was showered with smooches before work.  One thing I know I like though, it is slimming (yay).

Perhaps it would be better with some black wide leg trousers?  Perhaps I just need to get really into working out again.  And by getting really into it, I mean actually doing some form of physical activity besides laundry.  Grrrr, nasty winter!  You need to leave now!!

So here's my new lady - the Anthropologie Peppered Cardigan
And, since it's what I do, I had to style it with jeans
Sweater - Anthropologie; tank - Victoria's Secret; jeans - ReRock for Express; booties - Madden Girl; necklace - Loft; nails - Zoya Mata Hari

Ok, so I went the whole day in my purple ruffly goodness.  It's been decided that I like it.  The empire waist really elongates the body and that is always a good thing.  The bow is still kind of weird for me and the flounce may make me look a little hippy, but as of right now, it is not destined for ebay.


  1. lovely cardigan!! you look so pretty with it x

  2. Thank you. One can never go wrong with purple in my opinion. :)