Monday, February 21, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

Pretty certain I've confessed about my love of tight pants previously, but I do have an exception.  I absolutely adore classic trousers - in denim, of course.  For my figure type, they are usually very flattering.  The slant of the pockets, the higher flat waist, a fit that hugs the hips and then widens and elongates the legs.  What's not to like?

A few years ago I splurged on a pair of white Seven denim trousers (still have and love them).  Instantly, I was in love.  And shhhh, but I used to wear them to my "no jeans" job in the city.  You couldn't tell they were denim.  At least I wasn't telling!

How thrilled was I this season with the resurgence of the denim trouser.  I will be buying another pair or two, but for now I settled on a pair from the Gap and it's love all over again.  Dressed them up a bit today for the office.
jeans & top - Gap; jacket - Theory; belt - Ann Taylor; booties - Madden Girl; bag - older Isabella Fiore; nails - Zoya Emme

These jeans are great.  Super comfortable.  They fit perfectly (although they appear to run long.  I usually wear a long length, but when I tried the long, they were ridiculously so).  I love all the perfect little details too.  Can't wait to search my closet for other goodies to use to rock these jeans.

Are you going to sport any of the wider leg styles this year?


  1. I do not own any wide-leg/trouser jeans (yet). You make them look great! I recently (as in a couple of years ago) embraced the skinny jean look, so I'm hesitant to try the wide-leg jeans. I don't know how flattering they would be on me, but I should give them a try! I do have a pair of trouser cords, which I wear all of the time. The pants are super flattering on you, and your whole outfit is great! I love your bag!!!

  2. Love the outfit. Luckily I have a couple of pairs of flared leg I can pull outfor this season but I wouldn't mind a new pair. I must have a look in gap, does the style have a name?

  3. Thanks ladies. Can't wait to see what you put together.

    Fab - Gap just calls them the wide leg trouser in dark. Very original, huh? LOL

  4. Love trouser jeans too.... I have a few pairs but will definitely check out the Gap for some new ones. As usual, you look great!

  5. you look so good with that jeans, i don't have this yet, but on you it looks great x

  6. yup, definitely! been sporting wide leg jeans forever, i really prefer them to skinny

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  7. Wow, these jeans fit you like a dream!! You look fantastic!

  8. Thanks girls. Go grab those wide leg pants and take some pics so I can see! :)