Friday, February 25, 2011

Latisse - 60 Day Progress

Here's my 60 day progress pics using Latisse.  I know that I missed one evening's application, possibly two, but that's it.  And I got 60 days out of a 30 day prescription by using half the recommended amount.  I'm pretty impressed with the progress and am convinced that you can use half the dosage and still get the results.

I will say though, my right eye is developing much quicker than the left.  On the right I even have these freakishly long eyelashes (about 3 or 4) on the outer lid.  Pretty funny.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So here's Day 1 vs. Day 60.

No makeup:
With eye makeup and mascara (one coat):
Other 60 day angles:
I'm still not at the 16 week mark where the results are supposed to be extremely visible so I guess we can expect some more growth.  For now, I'll refill another bottle and see if I feel like continuing to spend that kind of money just for eyelashes.

Has anyone else tried it yet?


  1. I've never tried Latisse, but I can totally see a big difference in your lash length! OK, I may need to check that out now!

  2. Oh my.....I never believed these products actually work but apparently they do. My question is after you finish using this will your eyelashes sustain that growth rate for life?



  3. I've never tried Latisse, I felt a bit worried about applying something so close to my eye, to be honest! I can see how well this product is working for you, and your eye lashes look fantastic!!

  4. Tashrin - I'm assuming eyelashes are like your hair and grow and fall out on cycle. I believe a few months after you stop using Latisse, you'll be back where you started. I'm hoping to switch over to a non-prescription growth stimulating mascara after 4 months of Latisse. $60 a month is just too much $$ to pay for eyelashes in my opinion.

    Kirstin - I had the same fear and it took me several months to get up the nerve to try. One of the side effects is darkening of the colored part of the eye. Since I already have brown eyes, that didn't deter me. If I had lighter eyes, perhaps I wouldn't have tried it though.

  5. this is so pretty, you're eyes are so lovely, i am jealous , because i am not very pretty with make-up x