Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Unintended Interview Wear

Last week I interviewed for a corporate job at the urging of one the lawyers I worked for in my last corporate position (law firm) in Manhattan.  Was I looking to go back to full time office work?  No, but sometimes things fall into your lap for a reason.  Needless to say, the fact that she thought of me for her position was extremely flattering.  But yikes, corporate!!  Do I even have anything to wear to the interview??

Well, I thought I did.  There were a pair of unworn black dress pants from J Crew sitting in my closet for the past two years.  Perfect.  Black pants, black jacket and a nice top.  I'm all set.  Around rolls the morning of the interview and hello, my ass and hips can't fill out the damn pants and they look awful.  Not even belt loops to try and wrangle them in a bit.  I can't go diaper butted to an interview!  Ugh!

What's a girl to do??

Since I'm so into taking fashion risks (not), I remembered the gorgeous blouse I got during the Ann Taylor sale that I couldn't wait to wear with my white denim trousers.  And, well, I have a great fitting pair of white dress pants in the closet too!  Despite my husband's reminder that it is in fact well after Labor Day, I went with it.  Hey, it was this or jeans - not much to choose from.  So, here is my mid-level corporate, spend your life in a cubicle, job interview look.
Jacket - H&M; blouse and belt - Ann Taylor; pants - Club Monaco; black pumps - so old the name wore off; toned down interview makeup - Meow on face, Stardust on eyes (out of business), NYX on lips

I was as comfortable as is possible for being "dressed" and enduring the 2 1/2 hour interview process (grrrr...corporate America).  If not for the wonderful fashion blogs I've been reading, I never would've put white pants with this outfit and definitely not in the middle of freakin' winter.  The old me would've cried for a bit, complained to my husband that my wardrobe sucks and my ass is flat and I clearly need those J Lo butt implants, and then went through the day feeling miserable in my ill-fitting black pants hoping nobody would be noticing my baggy butt and droopy crotch.  Sometimes change is good!

Still cannot wait to wear this blouse with my white jeans.  C'mon warm spring air.

Stay tuned to see if I succumb to the allures of cube dwelling.


  1. Nice! I really like the white pants. I think you look professional and stylish. The black belt is perfect! Way to go, breaking stupid fashion rules!!!

  2. I love this look... Best one yet! Good luck with the job... if you want it that is! ;)

  3. Thanks ladies. Fashion rules are for losers! LOL

  4. Ooh I like this outfit. You look great. Perfect business casual attire. I really love the print on your top!

  5. Thanks Kirstin. So happy this is a business casual workplace. I don't think I could ever do full on corporate suit attire everyday.

  6. I adore this outfit on you! This whole outfit looks like it was designed for you... You look amazing! And may I say not only is at top so beautiful and the color is perfect on you, but that blazer is to die for! Any girl would kill for your body!

  7. Awww, thanks Midory. The blazer was so dirt cheap yet I've worn it a bit already. Gotta love $39 well spent! :)

  8. hihi, i have to laugh when you are talking about your wardrobe sucks, your as is flat, etc..... i tell the same to my husband ;-)
    you look so pretty with that shirt, that color is great on you, and you have an amazing body x

  9. Thanks so much Fanny. You look perfect to me. :) Guess we are always harder on ourselves. I'm glad I'm not the only one who says those things to their husband. Do you get the "oh you are crazy" look too?