Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Bother - and Name Changes

Good morning!!  I just had a quick idea to post today after a discussion with a friend about blogging.  Well, about my "fashion" and lifestyle blogging mostly.  She asks, why bother and don't you think you are kind of embarrassing yourself or putting too much info out there.  I say, why not and why care.  Of course, compared to many women and girls (mostly girls) out there who have fashion blogs, I've got nothing of much interest and I'm not overly fashionable or artfully talented, but for me it's a way of documenting the journey I'm taking into finding myself.  This includes finally spending some time determining and honing my interests, finding my style and trying to become a better and happier person (which is a hell of a lot easier when you know yourself and what you love).

So, am I going to inspire anyone to go out and buy some outfit or makeup that I've posted about?  Probably not.  Are people looking at my posts and thinking why the hell would she even put that up?  Possibly.  All I hope to accomplish is to portray women who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and on that are about more than being a mom, an employee, a wife.  Women who have interests and value.  It took me until 37 to finally figure things out (somewhat) and realize my worth.  I'm hoping I can encourage someone else to do the same.  Hopefully earlier on in life than I did!  Although it's never too late.

Also, keep your eyes open for more posts dedicated to other more "mature" female bloggers whom I find inspirational and fabulous.

That being said, the names of both of my blogs may be changing from time to time until I find one that "fits" and better hints at what my blogging is about.  If you find one you like better than another, feel free to let me know.

Have a great day ladies!!


  1. Great Post and why shouldn't we blog about fashion!

  2. :) Great post!!! I love looking at what you're wearing!!!

  3. Thanks ladies. Us women - always comparing ourselves to others I guess. Working on not doing that anymore. :)