Sunday, December 26, 2010

My First Success (Fashion - OOTD)

Finding myself in the awkward position of having to dress my not quite young but not quite old self, I've decided to totally revamp my wardrobe.  This is similar to what I consider my first success.  Well, according to my husband anyway.  I believe his exact words were "Oh, hey, how you doin'?  Wanna be late to work?"  Or something like that.  LOL.  So here is my first official Outfit of the Day post, inspired by my new age-appropriate fashion icon, the fierce and fabulous Robyn of Robyn's Nest!

Anyway, I paired black skinny cargo pants (Express) with a burgundy velvet blazer (Ann Taylor Loft) and a flowy pink lace tank (H&M).  Shoes were a black fleece lined bootie from BCBGeneration.  I accessorized with hammered hoop earrings purchased through Carolyn Buss Jewelry on Etsy (I heart Etsy)!  This was a budget friendly ensemble as, well, they have to be right now.  My only complaint was that the tank wasn't longer so it didn't hang longer than the blazer which is what I had in mind.  But, it worked.  What do you think?

BCBGeneration Melo
$149 -
High heel boots »


  1. Super cute. I think you have to post pics of YOU wearing the outfit though!!!

  2. LOL - I know! I can't find the head to my tripod though so as soon as I order another or find a good set up, I will do just that. :) I hope your dad is feeling better today.

  3. I am so with you on the "dressing not too old and not too young" thing. You succeeded in maintaining that balance here. LOVE the outfit! The booties are especially cute.

    And I love Carolyn's jewelry as well... I have a number of things from her now and get compliments when I wear them.

  4. Would love to hear where you are shopping Melissa. Someone directed me to Chicos and Coldwater Creek, but I just don't think I'm there yet. :)

  5. I am a bit embarrassed to say ... but my clothing is a bit hand-me-downs, a bit Target, and a bit handmade.

    I am petite in size and height, so I can wear girls' sized clothes and can usually find better deals on the basics in girls' department... but that doesn't mean that I should be dressing in little girls clothes, KWIM? And Juniors' clothes are just cut all wrong for my body (and for most of the Juniors that are sporting them these days, IMHO.)

    I tend to wear a lot of basics but add accessories to make the clothes a bit more fun. But lately I have been having a lot of luck with the Target designer collections on clearance online.

  6. Ah, gotcha. Petite has never been my issue. :) I do love what I've seen of your handmade stuff though so i'm sure you always look super cute. Thanks for the head's up about Target. I'll stop walking right through the clothing section and take a look.