Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cutesy Poo Work Look

This is something I don't usually do.  Upon browsing the Ann Taylor Loft site at the suggestion of another 30-something, I went ahead and purchased one of the "Looks We Love" outfits soup to nuts.  Even the hat!  LOL  Not very creative on my part, but the model looked so cute and I thought maybe I could pull it off.  Definitely outside my comfort zone.

I have to say, I liked the "shabby chicness" of it.  My husband did not.  He did not like the loose fitting tank under the loose fitting cardigan.  He liked the pieces, just not together.  Here's the pic of the three pieces from Loft.  I used a slim black cropped cargo pant (Loft - no longer available) similar to the ones below and my fav BCBG booties.  Can't say I figured out how to make that hat look good on me though.  :)


  1. Thanks Laura. I think the quirkiness of the tank is my fav part (and my husband's least fav - not enough sex for him I guess).