Thursday, December 23, 2010

Going 80s in 2010

Didn't have my husband around this morning to approve of this before I left for work, but I thought it was pretty cute.  I'll try to grab an actual picture later as I couldn't find exact matches for everything on Polyvore.

What I wore - navy blue leggings (Victoria's Secret), a white cotton tank under a flowy brown v-neck tunic (H&M - $12.95 woohoo), Lucky Brand double leather belt (the one shown) and suede boots (the ones shown but in chocolate brown).

The set did receive some compliments at work and it was oh so comfy.  I think it will make more appearances in the future.


  1. Hot! Love leggings... but always feel like I'm naked down there. LOL.

  2. LOL - Yeah, it's quite breezy today too! Luckily I cover it up outside with my super duper sexy calf length sleeping bag coat from Land's End! :-P I hear warmth is a fashion faux pas.