Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Have you visited this store (or site) yet?  I first found them in Short Hills, NJ and fell instantly in love.  Their items are rather unique and whimsical.  Shortly after discovering them though, my wardrobe budget dried up.  :(  The few pieces I do have I still love.  Hoping to save up for a few interesting pieces this year.

Here are a few Anthro ensembles I found on Polyvore by other members.  Love, love, love those boots!!  I do think I'd have to add at least a little denim skirt and a tank to that first set though.  :)  And yellow jackets/coats are always awesome.  Have not yet had the guts to go there, but I think I may have found one I like.  At Anthropology no less.  We'll soon see.

What are your favorite dream stores (whether you can afford to shop there or not)?


  1. I LOOOOOOVE Anthropologie... but sadly don't buy much from there b/c of the prices. You and I have similar tastes it seems! LOL

  2. LOL - I think you are right! And that would be great taste, of course. Just wish my wallet made acquiring things a little easier. :) Maybe in 2011!!

  3. Ditto, you and Laura— LOVE Anthropologie. Don't love the prices.