Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adding Color - Baby Steps (OOTD & EOTD)

Cleaning out my closet the other day led me to the realization that I own mostly black, brown, grey and other variations of those same colors.  So, in an effort to start wearing more color, I picked up a bunch of tanks and shells at Nordstrom Rack.  Hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?

This is my first venture out wearing some vibrant color (even if just in trace amounts).  I think it went well if not a little boring.

Today's OOTD: Lucky Brand jeans (from last year's 30% F&F sale), Banana Republic merino cardigan (super, super old), Michael Kors ruched neck tank ($35 at Nordstrom Rack) and my old standby Geox boots.

Hoping my tripod attachment gets here ASAP as I'm very tired of my husband taking my pics.  Here's what happens when he thinks this angle will get him a shot down the shirt.  Sorry dear, perhaps if I had boobies.
I was also very excited about how my eye makeup came out today (although you can't really see it in the photos).  I went for a mostly gold lid, then adding some brown and dabbing a blue on the lower lash.  One day I will learn how to take great, crystal clear pics of my makeup - or maybe we don't want that.  :)  And I think my eyelashes are getting longer already at the outer portion.  It's been just over a week since starting Latisse!
Whoops, forgot lipstick.  Added Stila's lip stain in mango crush after pics and LOVED it!
Cheeks - Meow blush in Canna
Eyes (in order of application):
Meow Bubble Bath (simple pleasures collection)
Meow Breakfast at Kitty's Purrl
Aromaleigh 14k
Aromaleigh Mocha
Aromaleigh Bougainvillea
Meow Dolphin (for a pop of blue on the lower lash)
Cream liner in Chocolate Mousse


  1. LOL... I may have to copy you once in a while and do an OOTD.

    Currently, 80% of my closet is brown, black, white & blue. I think I have more colorful clothing for warmer weather. This damn cold weather just makes me wanna wear brown or black all the time!

    Love the outfit and the make up. Actually make up is something I need to start changing up... I feel like I wear the same color pattern (mainly browns) everyday. Color makes me nervous though on my eyes...

  2. I would so LOVE to see your OOTDs!! And you know I'd be copying them too. :) I hear you about eye makeup. Just started down that road myself right before I got married (not even two years ago). It used to just be liner and mascara, that's it.

  3. LOL... I'll only post my outfits if I actually like them. I can be a bum at work, so sometimes... yeah... not so hot. Hahahaha

  4. Oh god, I hear ya. I have no dress code at work and most of the time I work from home, so really no motivation to look nice or put thought into an outfit. I'm sure you'd look hot in a paper bag anyway.