Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cutesy Poo Outfit Pic Added

Well, I posted previously about my Ann Taylor Loft outfit HERE.  I thought I loved it, but after seeing this picture (which my daughter took so excuse the tilt), I'm not so sure.  I think it's the booties, they need to be laced tighter perhaps.

Today we were headed to IKEA and the mall so I switched out the pants and grabbed some grey moto jeggings (Express - possibly my absolute favorite jeans) and tall black leather boots (Geox - found at Nordstrom Rack).  Made a much cuter outfit IMO. Unfortunately, none of the pics my daughter took of that one came out.  Anyway, I still like the cami and cardigan together - to heck with what the husband thinks!  :)

Quick side note about my tripod.  As mentioned, I accidentally threw out the head that attaches my camera to the tripod.  Well, a quick call to Dolica customer service and after emailing them my receipt from Amazon (from January), they are sending me a complementary replacement part!  I even told them that I threw it out.  Excellent customer service if you ask me, and because of that, I highly recommend purchasing from them if you are in the market for tripods, camera bags, etc.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. Here's the crooked outfit picture and a very lame mirror pic (sorry, antique mirror and the only semi-full length in the house) of the moto jeans followed by similar jeans and boots found on Polyvore.


moto by BettyRay featuring geox shoes


  1. Definitely cute either way!!! Love the top... what do husbands KNOW anyways about fashion!!!