Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Two Skirt Kinda Day

Hello there.  Long time no see.  With a large work project finally off my back, I was anxious to get back to the blog.  Regardless of who reads it or doesn't read it, creating blog posts is therapeutic for me.  Therefore, today is a good day.  :)

This morning I was all set to wear this skirt.
In fact, I had it on and was ready to go, shoes and all.  That was until I stood in front of my bedroom window - a sunny bedroom window.  My husband walked in and said "Whoa, hello everything.  That skirt is totally see through!"  After a few seconds of unplanned groping, I changed my skirt.  I will be ordering a slip today.  Where does one even buy slips anymore?  Hmmm...

Being pushed for time and knowing it was a maxi day for me, I kept everything the same and decided upon the Water's Edge skirt.  Double layers of thick jersey, you are not seeing through this one.

I did have to choose between a clunky necklace and scarf though.  It was a bit cool out so I opted for the scarf.  Did I do ok?
skirt - Anthropologie Water's Edge maxi; tank - Victoria's Secret; sweater - Old Navy; scarf - Anthropologie; shoes - Enzo Angiolini wedge; necklace - Emma Stine (Groupon offer); toesies - OPI Passion for NY Fashion

Wow, I need a haircut BAD!
I felt super comfy all day if not just a tad boring.  Perhaps I should've been born in the 60s.  They totally had the best and most comfy clothes!


  1. Pretty outfit!! I love it. Long skirts are just so perfect sometimes.

  2. Yes, I love it! The scarf is beautiful. I just bought my very first maxi skirt! I'm excited to wear it, but don't know exactly how to go about styling it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks Kristin and Kirstin. :) I do love the maxi skirts. They feel to easy and you don't have to shave your legs!!

  4. That first skirt is gorgeous, I love that print. You did amazing on your outfit! I love a maxi and that cardigan of yours is so vibrant!

  5. I think I need some maxi stuff in my life, but I am so short, I'm not sure I could pull it off!

    I like the necklace, but think the scarf goes better with your outfit - the colors complement better!

    As for the slip thing, I just purchased a full slip from Anthro by Eloise. It's so pretty, though now I'm all like, now what do I do with this?!

  6. that outfit is so pretty for you, you look amazing x

  7. The scarf pulls the outfit together beautifully Katrina. I ordered that skirt and reviewed it on Anthro. Then I found a hole in it. By then, the Smalls were sold out. I just realized I could have called for a store search. Thumping self on head.

  8. well i love how it turned out in the end anyway:) and i got my slip at a clothes swap. classy, i know;)

  9. Too funny about the unplanned grope! Love the sweater and necklace. Very cute and comfortable.


  10. love that purple cardigan on you! suits you well x