Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring? OOTD

There are some upsides to being strapped to my computer and the Internet all day.  During slow times I can catch up on my blog roll, grab a pair of shoes at the start of a sale before they sell out, enjoy commercial free radio on Pandora, obsessively check on the airfare for our summer trip...  Last week I was lucky enough to catch Lisa from Respect the Shoes' blog sale post pretty much the minute it hit the airwaves and quickly landed a super sweet skirt from J Crew.  It arrived last week and I was excited to wear it out. 

The weather however has had other plans for me.  Today I decided it had to happen and paired my new-to-me "springy" skirt with my winter wear.
skirt - J Crew via Lisa's blog sale; tank - Gap; cardigan - Land's End canvas; tights - DKNY; boots - Matisse; spider necklace - gift from the husband (such a romantic wedding gift, no?)

My husband did not like my navy blue cardigan with this outfit at all.  He also didn't care for the skirt (it's not skin tight).  But I wore it anyway and felt quite happy with it.  Do you think a different color on top would work better?  Perhaps pulling a pink or even the mustard yellow from the skirt?

If you haven't checked out Respect the Shoes, please do so now.  Lisa has awesome fashion sense and is a master of knowing what to put with what (something I don't think I will ever grasp).  Her blog sale is still running as well.


  1. I like it, an adorable OOTD. I think it pulls in the boots with all the different colors like that. But then I always like wearing different colors and not all matchy matchy. I had a co-worker comment on how she liked that I was able to wear colors together that she would never think of doing. So it's good for me too!

  2. Wow, that skirt looks great on you! I like it with navy, but I think it would work with a lot of different colors. Mustard would be perfect!

  3. I would wear it just like you do, it's so so pretty! The model of the skirt is lovely and cute, you look just wonderful, really ! x

  4. I love the navy cardigan (what do husband's know anyway?) :)

    Loving this blog too...another follower here.

  5. Thanks so much ladies. It was nice to feel just slightly springy even though it was freezing outside.