Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Rare Occurrence - OOTD

Yup, wore a dress today.  A girly sophisticated dress no less.  This does not happen often.  Think I took my husband by surprise.  Actually this is my second dress of the day.  The first one put me in a bad mood as I couldn't fill out the top.  :(  This one was a little better but there is extra room in the rear and bust even with a push up bra on (surprise, surprise).  Guess we'll have to start an account with the tailor.

When I first put this dress on something didn't seem right on top.  Nothing a necklace could fix either.  So I went online and checked out Anthro's styling for this number.  Then I pretty much copied it the best I could (although I had the fishnets on before seeing this pic).  I admit, I'm far from a stylist and need all the help I can get!  I couldn't get the scarf right either.  It looks like I'm wearing a neck brace.
dress - Anthropologie Pittore dress; scarf - Aerie; fishnets - Cynthia Rowley via Gilt Groupe; shoes - Damita K via Tillys

Why is it that fishnet stockings still draw so much attention?  I thought they were pretty commonplace these days and these are micro nets.  What do you think?  Fishnets ok for the office (my office is very casual, usually jeans and a tee are fine)?


  1. You look way too hot to go to work. Please tell me you're playing hooky and doing something much more exciting! That dress looks killer on you!

  2. I love it! You definitely look too hot for the office. LOL.

  3. I'm so jealous how well this dress works on you! I tried it and was so sad about how I couldn't make it work. You look gorgeous in it!

  4. Beautiful dress - it looks great on you! Love it! The fishnets are smokin'!

    Fishnets are not okay at my office, but I think our dress code rules are much more strict than most. I think a silk scarf would look nice with this dress too.

  5. Thanks ladies. The dress did make it through work but wow, I was uncomfortable. I do love dresses but I'm not sure I like then this snug and narrow. Came home and whipped on some sweats ASAP. But it was fun to be a girl for half a day. :)

    Kristin - thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what scarves I have on hand.

    Kay - it is an odd dress for sure. Without the scarf I did not like it at all. Then again, I've also got nothing up top. Perhaps if the fabric was more stretchy or something?

  6. Wow, you look gorgeous!!! Fishnets would not be ok for my work either, as I work in a school. I would most like pair this with black tights, or you could do nude fishnets, if you wanted to have the textural breakup on your legs, and they are much less risque (so to speak).

  7. Omg you could replace the model on the first picture, you even look better! xxx