Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More from the dark recesses of the closet - OOTD

It's been a bit of an internal battle to put off wearing some of my newer clothing in order to dust off some of my older stuff.  The skirt today comes from the same years ago sale room haul as my "donkey" skirt from last week.  As Overcaffinated commented the other day - wow, I really do have a ton of stuff.  It just seems that none of my bottoms, tops, accessories compliment each other.  I'm in true need of a stylist to come over, go through my stuff and show me all my options.  I'm sure I could probably get through a year or two without a repeat with all my stuff.  LOL

Anyhoo, this skirt my husband hates - hates!!  He says it's too poofy and big for my body (there are three additional layers under here, including crinoline).  Well, I can't help it, I love items that channel June Cleaver.  :)  I think the only reason I don't wear it more often is because I can't see beyond pairing it with white on top.  I'm sure red or another color would work too, but I just don't have the guts or the vision I guess.  So today I did the usual and put white on top.  Was thinking of red shoes but then stuck with the old safe choice again.  Looking at the pics, I don't care for the bright yellow on top, but what can ya do.

Promise, I'm not picking my undies in that first pic.
skirt - Odille for Anthropologie; tank - Loft; cardigan - Old Navy; shoes - Preview; bracelet - Anthropologie "Rock Candy"; necklace - Etsy; toes - OPI Anklets of Amethyst

Can't say I'll keep this on much after getting home from the office, but perhaps I'll vacuum and dust my house the whole ensemble so I can really be like June!

Do you like fuller skirt styles?  I'd be perfectly happy living in an episode of Happy Days or Grease.


  1. I actually really like the yellow with it. Red shoes would've been cute too!

    I probably could go a long time too without a repeat if I actually pulled stuff out of my closet. Sigh. I always grab for my go-to pieces though when I'm in a rush... which is pretty much EVERY morning. LOL

    I love full skirts... and currently own 2. They have pockets too which I LOVE. (Who cares what the hubby says anyways!)

  2. Thanks Laura. I love pockets too. I seriously wish they were putting them in wedding gowns back in the day. Brides today are so lucky! LOL

    Hi Ev - congrats on the graduation!

  3. The print on this skirt is gorgeous. The skirt reminded me of the Nyanza Skirt at the new arrival session at Anthro.

  4. I love big poofy skirts:) I really like the yellow with it and I think red would look great as well.

  5. I just love it! this look very pretty x

  6. What??? I can't believe your husband hates that skirt! I LOVE IT! I LOVE full skirts. They're so universally flattering on any and all body types.

    Instead of full colors, how about pairing it with prints and patterns? I think it would be more fun than a bold color. Like you could pair it with a gray silky patterned button-up or a blue pattern top or something.

  7. I LOVE that skirt. It accentuates how teeny tiny your waist is! I am totally into full skirts. They make me feel so feminine. This is one treasure that should be seeing the light of day weekly! Gorgeous print. Any subtle striped tops? White and grey stripe tank top? I think would look awesome to give it a yin-yang vibe.

  8. Such a cute look! I have this skirt too and love it. I was shopping at Anthro yesterday and saw another customer wearing this skirt, too. She paired with a white cardigan that had some yellow beaded embellishments, and it was so cute! I typically wear it with yellow, but wearing it with red is a great idea. It IS poufy, though. And nearly impossible to iron!

  9. Katrina, I would pair with Yellow too. How in the fit for the old Navy Cardi. How does it compare to Anthro where I'm normally a Small. I'm getting tired of waiting for Anthro to put the Bette Cardi on sale. But since I will order online, I could use any tips you are willing to offer. How is the quality? Is the knit too sheer? I plan to wear them open over dresses. Could I size down? But I also don't want the arms to be too tight.

    I need a stylist too. I can't seem to find the time to make new outfits. Some mornings I can whip a new one out in 5 minutes. The next I'm out the door 5 minutes late and a hot mess.

  10. Thanks Elaine and Molly for the great styling ideas. I will certainly try them out soon. And Elaine - yup, my husband is crazy, I love skirts like that!

    Jamie - Thankfully I have not had to iron this yet. I don't look forwarrd to that day. This is why I spend too much on dry cleaning, I'm a very bad ironer.

    Laura - I replied on your blog about the cardis :)

    Inkmark - Now I'm going to check out that new skirt!