Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - loosened lines, lunar cycles, villa mysteriis

Just a few reviews from my brandy new Anthropologie less than a mile from home.  Yay!  In the past few weeks, I've gone in many times already.  I've made really good use of the fitting room as well.

Lunar Cycles Top

Of course I loved this top in the catalog - it's very hippie, retro, just plain lovely flowy goodness without being a box.  On me though, eh, I wasn't so sure.  Felt it made me look a little large in the belly area and accentuated my broad shoulders a bit.  And you cannot wear this without a full length tank on underneath which I hate doing in the heat of spring/summer.  Honestly, a lot of the tops I've tried on recently have required a tank.  It's getting on my nerves Anthro!  I may reconsider this at sale time - I see it is available in a dark orange color too now which is very cool with perhaps some white AG Stevies?  ;-)

Villa Mysteriis Top

Have to admit, I really liked this quirky little top.  The shape and funky mellow print drew me right in.  I'm not sure the muted colors work best with my coloring so it went back on the rack but I still think about it.  :)  The fabric is a kind of rougher rayon that I feel won't wrinkle and really keep it's shape.  The detail at the neckline and those cute pockets really make this an original.  I love too that it doesn't seem to need a tank under it which seems to be against Anthro's norm these days (boo for see through!).

The shorts are the AG Bermudas I believe.  Very comfy but ran a little small on me so in this pic, they are too tight.

Loosened Lines Top

Really nothing much to say here so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (in case you can't hear them, they are saying - Ewww, not for me, totally gross).  But hey, at least it wasn't sheer!  And this is a Small - a very very huge small.

Who's-Got-The-Button Top
This top is freakin' adorable.  The fit and feel are perfect.  It is so super soft.  All those little buttons are so cute too. Not with this skirt, of course, but I am going back for this one soon.  Comes in a few great colors (I really liked the red) and is machine washable.  Woohoo!  Oh, and the fabric is stiff enough to look nice untucked as well as tucked. 


  1. So first of all! If the Lunar Cycles Top looks like this on a girl with such an amazing body, then I am screwed.. hahahhah! I totally loved this top too. But I can see what you are saying the pleating is all wrong, creating this illusion of a very big belly. :( Thats too bad cause its so beautiful! Reminds me of the Heroine's Homecoming Top... I dont know if you have seen it or tried it one, but this top is AMAZING! I ended up buying it in two colors... and I know you would love it because I think its totally your style!

  2. I'm jealous! Anthropologie less than a mile away! Hmmm...sounds dangerous, though. I enjoyed reading your reviews and loved the fact that you tried on tops I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Thanks!

  3. Midory, you are too sweet. But yeah, the lunar top makes me look pregnant. I will see if I can find the Homecoming top in store to try on. Glad you are enjoying that one. :)

    Steph - having it so close has been a bit costly so far but it's nice to finally be able to try things on before purchasing.